Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The joy of getting it right with Veggie Gardening

As many of you know, I haven't been that successful lately with my veggie gardening, with my greenhouse blowing over and destroying many of my seedlings.  Well I do believe,,,,,touch wood lol,,,, that my luck has turned.  I replanted seeds and I have had a huge amount of success, I quite honestly can't believe it!  So much success in fact that I now have over 50 tomato seedlings growing, just waiting for their turn to grow a little bigger and to be planted into the garden (I may have to give some away lol, I don't have room for that many!!).  We planted out some cucumbers, pumpkins,  melons, tomatos, and various other seedlings last weekend and they are all doing really well too.  This weekend I have some capsicums and some other melons waiting to go in.  Hubby wants to keep all the tomato seedlings and try growing them in buckets.  His plan is to preserve tomatos, lots of tomatos so that we won't need to buy sauce for pizza, pasta, or for that matter anything for the next year.....I know who he is thinking will do all the preserving lol and I don't think it is him.

Yes I know its not a fruiting plant but I just love my Fuschia!!  This was one I rescued from the sad table at Bunnings,,,it cost me $1.00.  1 year on and just look at the flowers!

When my little greenhouse toppled over, I did as a few of you suggested and I just threw the soil which contained the seeds, onto the veggie patch.  Well we now have nasturtiums, a couple of tomatos, and few other things that have popped up which I'm not sure what they are lol.  It has done quite well considering.

Recent rains have made the weeds go mad but here you can just see the nasturtiums that popped up after our greenhouse incident.  Surrounding the veggie patch are our fruit trees which we have potted up.  They are all doing so well!!!!

This year is the first year that we seem to be succeeding and it is amazing how you feel so inspired when you actually get a few successes under your belt.  I bought a raspberry plant last year and we put that in the ground a few months ago,,,,,I now have a few raspberry plants!  I can't wait to be able to make my own raspberry jam,,,yummy!  Our strawberries are producing, not huge amounts but enough for me to go and pick a few each day and not to have to share them lol (sshhhh don't tell anyone!!)

Just a few months ago our selection of 10 fruit trees arrived from an order we put in with Diggers.  They arrived as little sticks and we planted them out into large pots so that they could form a fence of sorts around our new veggie patch to keep the dogs out.  Well they are all now very healthy looking young trees.  There is only one apple that seems to be lagging behind the rest but that one thankfully is showing signs of growth this week.  We wanted to pot them up also because we are in the limbo land about whether or not to move and I know that if those trees get put in the ground then we will stay here because I won't want to leave them behind lol.  This block isn't really big enough for ten fruit trees, although half of them are dwarf varieties, I must admit.  If we plant them all our yard will truly become just a large vegetable plot, although with the world the way it is, that may not be such a bad thing!!  If we decide to stay here, then they will be planted out and our entire yard will become productive, that is my plan.  I figure if we are staying here then who cares what anyone else thinks lol.  At least we will be feeding our children healthy organic fruit and veggies and saving quite a bit of money in the process.

This is an old clam shell pool that now grows our Rocket and some lettuce.  We just planted a few cherry tomatos in here too.
Sorry for the sideways photo - Some recent purchases - Blueberry, Lemon Myrtle, Spanish Licorice and a couple of flowering plants

Our old veggie patch which has our rhubarb plant and two tomatoes left over from last year which are beginning to fruit again!

Mr14's Peacharine tree - hopefully next year it may get more fruit!!

Strawberries, Tomatoes and Passionfruit waiting to be planted out

Sorry lol,,,,,I just love washing on a Hills Hoist drying in the breeze!  This also shows how mad the grass and weeds have gone,,,,,this was mowed just over a week ago!

Our new veggie patch with Mr9's sunflowers growing bigger each day

My seedling table,,,,,,I just separated many of the seedlings yesterday,,,,as you can see we have many, many, many tomatos lol


Niki said...

It all looks fantastic.
We have had constant rain for a couple of days now & the snail factor is outrageous. We haven't planted any beds out for the new season stuff, yet we need to get cracking. Dh wouldn't pay the amount they were asking for those corrigated iron beds, so spend 3 weeks making his own at a fraction of the price, this will only be their second round of veggies, but they work fantastic. Love seeing your garden. Luv Niki

Greenie said...

Great work GO7! A few of my discarded seedling mix have sprouted too! I've planted over 16 fruit trees over the past 2 years (admittedly we've got over 1,000 sq metres to p,ay with!). Anyway ... It'd be really REALLY hard for us to leave now. How are you going with the decision making process?
Take care - Greenie x

OurGangof7 said...

Hi Niki and Greenie :-)

Niki - I showed Hubby your husband's veggie gardens and now he wants to make some,,,,I'm happy - it sure beats paying out almost $100 for a little tiny thing!

Greenie - We still haven't decided. Although Hubby may be getting a great deal on solar panels from someone he knows. We already have 6 but if he can get enough to make us virtually self sufficient, then we will probably stay. I'm at the point where I don't care I just want a decision to be made lol.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Your yard is looking lovely, especially that pretty Fruchsia...As for the weeds, I was listening to the radio the other day and they said that weeds are a good thing. It means the soil is very healthy and they can be used for green fertilizer. I pull my weeds and just leave them lying on top of the ground to enrich the soil...you can even soak them in water for a liquid fertilizer...

Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately, have been having a screen break and getting some much needed work done around here. Only trouble is now I have so many blogs to catch up on. Maybe I will just check in on my favourites :)

Have a great day!