Friday, October 14, 2011

Port Adelaide Festival Part 2

Last Sunday night saw us take the kids on yet another "UFO" (Mr 14's term for "Unavoidable Family Outings",,,,yes I'm such a mean mother lol).  The boys spent Sunday at their Dad's and returned home at around 8.30pm.  They were a little surprised when the younger two asked if they should get their pyjamas on, only to be told nope you need to stay dressed.  Straight away the "Why, where are we going?" questions started.  Miss12 came running in saying "You didn't tell me we were going out".

Yep she was right we didn't lol.  I wasn't sure whether the kids would enjoy our outing or not, but I really wanted to go and see it so I decided to just do it.

The lights were set to sound and music and projected on to a few of the old buildings in Port Adelaide.  It was truly amazing how well the artists had managed to line everything up so each building fitted perfectly to the image they were portraying.  It was a constant slide show, each building had a segment which lasted about 10 or so minutes before starting again.

Here is a link   to Illuminart at the Port

Below are a few photos that Hubby captured on the his phone to give you some idea at least as to what these amazing artists accomplished.  Overall I think most of the kids enjoyed it.  Miss12 was pretty underwhelmed but that is just standard for her these days.  The boys didn't mind it though so majority rule lol.

This image was so bright and the way the windows stood out was amazing

The corrugated iron building looked so real!

The grey brick building started to collapse....amazing

As the building collapsed the stone one started to crack open revealing a large tree in the centre

This building "caught fire" it looked awesome

The One and All sailing ship was docked at the Port


A Blessed Life said...

Hello, I have just dropped by via Tania's blog and you pics are amazing what a beautiful thing to see...just wonderful..I will pop back and read older blogs on the weekend..thanks for the tour.

Anonymous said...

Thats really cool, great pics. I was lucky enough to be in Sydney in June when Vivid was on the bridge, Opera house etc all lit up with different themes but my pics didnt relly work :(

Patti~~~ said...

I LOVE UFOs and yours looks wonderful! As my boys are growing older, they are coming to appreciate all those "unavoidable family outings" we "forced" on them when they were younger. They now are willing to admit that those provided them with their fondest childhood memories.

I always enjoy your blog!