Monday, October 10, 2011

Hubby's Birthday Part 3

This post is a little late, have been a little tied up with kids this last week, you know the usual school holiday madness lol.
As I mentioned last week, Hubby's birthday was split into 3 parts this year due to kids comings and goings with the other parents.  Tuesday night saw our party night.  The kids love party night, we have all the usual party type know the really fattening and bad for your pizza, pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread etc etc etc lol.  The best bit is that I don't really have to cook, its all heat and eat and pick up from the shop type stuff lol.  The only thing I can't avoid is the cake.  Me making the birthday cake is just a tradition in this house that has developed since having children.  Hubby was unsure this year what he wanted, previous years has seen him have a Footrot Flats cake, an Alf cake and I can't remember what else lol.  This year he just couldn't decide so he said "make me something with jellybeans and make it tall".  I considered a giraffe lol but settled instead for something a bit easier.  The cake above is a double decker cake.  I made two cakes, cut each one in half to fill with jam and cream and then stuck them together with a little more jam.  The outside is decorated with chocolate biscuit sticks, jellybeans and vanilla cream.  It was pretty yummy.

I think the best bit of this was that each slice of cake I cut more or less fed two people.  They each got half the slice (worked out well when I have a few who don't like jellybeans, they got the bottom half and the jellybean lovers got the top half)!

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