Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hubby's Birthday parts 1 and 2

 This year Hubby's Birthday, October 2, once again fell on the long weekend, (lucky guy he is!).  Due to my ex just having to start a new job of sorts, I couldn't plan anything until the last moment as the new company took over on Sunday and they didn't get their rosters until late last week.  So we had a bit of a mish mash  birthday which is still going even today lol.  On Sunday we had my boys for the day until 6pm when they went to their Dad's.  Yesterday we picked up his kids to have them for the next week of school holidays.

So this year his birthday is being celebrated in 3 parts.  Sunday, his actual birthday we went out for a nice walk to two places he had never been before and Sunday night he chose to go to dinner at the Adelaide Casino and have a little flutter on the pokies.  Monday I took him out for pancakes for brunch at Port Adelaide and last night when all the kids arrived home, we had presents.  Tonight we will have our traditional "party night" which consists of all your usual party type food and the birthday cake (which I need to get moving and make lol). 

Here are some pics of our walk at Waterfall Gully.  This area, just out of Adelaide is beautiful and one day soon we aim to walk the trail which runs from here to Mt Lofty Summit.  This walk is approximately 3.9kms each way and is quite steep in places.  Best make it a day when we are feeling fit lol.

Mr11 at the First Falls Lookout

First Falls Again

And here is Hubby as he undid his presents from each of the kids.....

Hubby's Mr11 (trying to get him to smile is impossible,,,,I tried but in the end they both looked like stunned zombies lol)

My Mr11

Hubby's Miss12 (along with Justin Bieber)

My Mr14

My Mr16

My Mr9


Anonymous said...

Looks like as great time was had by all, beautiful pics and the weather looks brilliant, we had a wet, cold long weekend up on the North Coast of NSW, hope the sun comes out this week whilst the kids are still on hols, the beach is calling me.....

Becci Sundberg said...

I love Waterfall Gully! Goodluck doing that walk!