Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today in my garden.....

we have seeds sprouting

Peacharine trees blossoming (well at least Narla isn't blurry lol)

Plum tree blossoming

Orange blossoms a plenty

and look who I found still tucked up in bed!!!!  It's Smudge, still fast asleep after Mr9 tucked her up snug and sound this morning before he went to school, lazy darn cat lol.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Well done with the seed raising...I am still learning this.

I planted some seeds a few days ago and rigged up a little hot house hoping that helps them to sprout. I cant help myself and open it several times a day to see if anything has happened lol.

Your cat looks very cozy there...

OurGangof7 said...

Hi Tania, we are still learning this too. I seem to be able (for the most part at least) be able to get them to sprout but I have alot of trouble getting them to planting stage lol. But I'm determined to try to save some money and make them work this time. We shall see!

I'm always opening my little hothouse because I get paranoid the poor little things will dry out too much.....probably in the process though I am killing them with kindness hence the reason alot of my seeds aren't sprouting!

Kate said...

Probably the only thing I am missing from home right now is our garden. I love that first excited spring planting. And that pussy cat sleeping all tucked up like that is divine.
Have a super weekend. x