Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here....

This week, although nothing out of the ordinary really, has left me feeling really drained.  It has felt very long and drawn out for some reason.

My Mr11 has been particularly challenging the last couple of weeks and I think I need to spend a bit of one on one time with him this weekend and try to get to the bottom of his anger that he is carrying with him. 

Mr16 has assignments that need to be finished up in the next week or two that he just doesn't seem bothered about but I know just how much work is left to do on them. 

Mr14 is too laid back for his own good and has a very minimal amount of homework for someone in Year 9, I am hoping that he is right and his report card doesn't show otherwise in 3 weeks time. 

Mr9 is starting to panic about VIP day next week.  VIP day is a day when parents/grandparents etc come for the morning to watch each class do a small performance and then we do a craft with the kids, followed by morning tea then we leave.  Mr9 is notorious at getting worked up when he has to do anything in front of anyone and I can see him starting to stress about it already.  For some reason he hates it when I come to watch even more.  I hate this as since he is the youngest I want to see all these things as he is the last one in line for me to be able to enjoy at this level.

We also have Miss12 and Mr11 this weekend, this will be the second weekend in a row and feeling like I am right now, I know that this will be a challenge for me.  I hope Miss12 leaves her attitude at the door and Mr11 decides to cut me some slack for the weekend (a girl can dream can't she??? lol)

Tonight I am taking Mr14 to soccer training by myself, which will give me 1.5 hours of "me time" which I am looking forward to.  I will just sit in the car with my thermos of coffee and either my crochet or a book and just chill out for a bit.  Hubby can stay home with the rest of the Gang and cook dinner lol.  (Keep your fingers crossed that soccer training doesn't get cancelled for me lol, it is pouring down at the moment!!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  I will leave you with some music.....Snow Patrol's Chasing cars.

This song always makes me grateful for my kids when I am feeling down about them.  It was a song that a dear friend of mine played at his daughters funeral.  She was just 14 years old when she died.  Tragedies like that remind you to hold your children close and every time I hear this song it makes me realise just how lucky I am to have my Gang.  RIP Mandy and keep watching over your Dad okay!!


Melissa Jane said...

You keep it together very well.

I have nominated you and your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. Stop over at my blog to check it out. xx

Tania @ Out Back said...

Sounds like not much rest for you over the weekend...Hope it didn't rain too much so you could enjoy that time to yourself.

A great song to share :)

Sometimes we forget just how lucky we are to have our children. As a mother you never stop worrying no matter what age your child is.

My son is a bit of a pain when it comes to homework too. I think it is the age. I have just given up and left it in his court, his responsibility and all that. You dont do it you suffer the consequences! Hasn't made a difference yet, but I live in hope lol! My son has an addiction to these online games and doesn't move from there for hours and hours and hours :(