Monday, September 26, 2011

Soccer Season is over again.......for a whole 3 weeks!!

My Mr14 plays soccer for a Federation Team....the Enfield City Falcons.  He has played with them for the past 2 seasons.  I have to admit that the Club doesn't thrill me in many of the things it does but he likes his team and his coach so I just grin and bear it.  He has played soccer since the age of 5 (well except for 1 year where he decided he would give AFL Football a go, but then he decided to return to soccer).  Over the last 10 years he has played for 4 different clubs, 5 if you count the football.  He loves the game and I am all for him continuing on, at this point I am just hoping the fees don't go up again for next year.  Last year the fees went up by $150 for the season,,,,,,to me that is a massive jump and I definitely won't be happy if they rise that much again this year.

They had presentation day yesterday, each of the kids getting their trophy for the year.

We were informed that try outs for next season commence on October 16!  There are 3 weeks of try outs so that requires us to be at the oval at 9.30am on Sunday mornings for 3 weeks......tryouts take approximately 2 hours each time.  Following tryouts there will be 3 beach sessions, being held - 1 in November, 1 in December and 1 in January before the season training officially starts in the first week of February.  Honestly it just feels like soccer season never ends.  We also got told that next year games for the Under 15s will start at 8.30am on Sunday morning, meaning we have to be at the oval at 7.45am!!!  I am already feeling a sense of dread for the games held down South where it takes us at least an hour to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next year I also have Mr11 and Mr9 considering starting up soccer.  Previously they haven't wanted to but this year they are both thinking they would like to play.  I will be putting them into a local club that is a little closer and much, much cheaper!  That will mean 6 training sessions during the week and 3 games each weekend as well as Mr11's Karate lessons on Wednesday night.

Mr14 is currently looking for a part time job so that will also be more running around as well as Mr16's part time job.  Mr16 doesn't play sport anymore choosing to concentrate on school and his part time job at KFC.

Mr11 and Mr9 are also both going to be doing swimming lessons over summer.

  I feel that Miss12 should be doing some sport but after us getting her into soccer about 3 years ago, her mum pulled her out saying it was too rough (yes I know, this is what we deal with on a constant basis), so the girl does nothing.  There is no point in us getting her involved in something when we aren't the ones that have to take he majority of the time.  I am not going to waste my time and effort (not to mention money) on getting her in to something only to have her pulled out again by her mum, whether it be for the excuse of "she might get hurt" or "we don't have time" (this comes from a family that only have one parent working and that is on a very part time basis mind you!)

I can see my slow cooker getting used ALOT over the soccer season next year lol.
The joys of sports for kids!!!!

The junior teams of the club....5 in total

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Niki said...

I am hearing you loud & clear. That's how I feel about the AFL footy season with four kids playing & training, I feel I am just a "sports cordinator" not a Mum. Between constant running back and forth to training & 4 games a week and cooking, it seems that is all I have time for. Now for a quick break & the Cricket season starts. Blahhhhh.