Monday, September 19, 2011

I just can't believe my luck lately.......grrr

After spending a couple of hours in the garden yesterday, planting out a few seedlings and potting up some more seeds, I came home to a disaster zone after walking the kids to school this morning.  First of all I stopped out the front to check on our pumpkins and sunflowers we planted yesterday.  I was horrified to find 2 out of the 6 pumpkins that we planted had been eaten by bugs :(, one is totally destroyed, the second is about half way gone.  That was enough to deflate me but then I actually walked into the house and looked out the back door.  I just about cried on the spot. 

 Our little greenhouse which hubby had lovingly tied securely (or so we thought) up on two of our benches had blown over in the wind.    Now it is a little windy today but nothing in comparison to some of the winds we have had over the last month or two since the shadehouse had been set up, but this time it got blown over.  I am just totally devastated. 

All my seeds that I had spent time labelling, and planting out and watering for the last week or two and some that I had only planted yesterday are now laying in a mount of dirt at the bottom (or should I say top) of the shadehouse :-(!!!

Hubby had tied it up on to our benches because our older dog likes to go around the yard peeing on anything that stays still for more than 30 seconds and I really didn't want to have to put the zipper up and down with his pee all over it,,,,,yuck!

Right now I am considering my options.  They are:

1.     To scoop the soil out of the shadehouse and place it in the veggie garden and sort of see what happens;


2.     Just shovel all the soil back into the 30 or so containers and replant more seeds in it, relabelling as I go.

I swear my luck just has to get better eventually!!!  Right now it just seems to be one thing after another with kids getting sick, school issues, Hubby's work and now garden issues grrrrrrrrrrr


Tania @ Out Back said...

Sometimes things overwhelm us. And when we are stressed they seem worse than they really are.

I went out the other day and came back and the sparrows (spoggy's) had eaten my lettuce seedlings down to the stalk...I was so cross. Hubby has put netting over them now and they are slowly coming back. Then the other day I went to check and water the garden only to find stalks where the broccoli had been. I was so peeved! This time I think it was Top Not pigeon's that sabotaged it. So now that has netting over it!

Just smile, dust yourself off and start again. These things happen to test us and we learn from them :)

The wind is awful...there are bits and pieces blowing off things around here. I think it is the strong gusts that do the damage.

Hope you day gets better.


OurGangof7 said...

Thanks Tania :)

Yep days like this it makes you wonder how farmers ever manage to get anything produced at all lol.

I went out side just a minute ago to find all my beautiful orange blossoms are now getting blown off the orange tree, it just never ends does it lol.

Greenie said...

I like your idea of scooping all the soil onto the veggie patch and just seeing what happens! Means there's a bit of hope of something good coming out of the disaster.

Yep, just like the farmer after the locust plague, we just have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again! (cue for a song?!)

It's still early Spring - things'll start growing really fast in a week or two so you'll catch up.

Smiles and hugs
Greenie x

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, you cant win at the mo!! Go option 1 and see what suprises pop up in the garden :)

OurGangof7 said...

Yep we went option 1 lol. Last night we had quite a bit of rain so at least they have been well watered in! I will take a piccie in a week or so and see what we find,,,,I said to hubby I bet all that will grow will be the flower seeds and the veggie garden will end up a sea of flowers lol,,,,oh well at least it will be a pretty patch I suppose!!!

balletmama said...

I feel for you. I too am trying to grow just a few things and it's clearly not my 'thing'. That's a lot of hard work and money down the tubes, but you'll get there. I think option 1 sounds great too.