Monday, September 12, 2011

I got nominated and now I want to share the love.....

I got nominated for....... The Versatile Blogger.  :-)

Thank you so much to Melissa Jane at for nominating me for this award. I feel very honoured and quite honestly you just made my day....THANK YOU Melissa Jane!!

Now, to accept one of these awards there are certain rules you have to follow;

1) thank the blogger who awarded you and link back to them (see above!)
2) share 7 interesting facts about yourself
3) pass the award on to 15 newly discovered blogs

So here are 7 facts about me that I don't usually just come out and tell people, particularly in blogland where we can be choosy in what we share lol

1.I have lived a very normal life and have never been in trouble with the law.

2.I am terrified, I mean knee shakingly terrified of heights, although I love flying in planes.

3.I am terrified of deep water.  I will only ever be found in water I can stand up in, although I love going on large boats/ships.

4.I used to be a Marching Girl when I was a kid/teenager.  I was a member of the Kiwi Marching Girl Club.

5.I would have loved to have had a baby with my Hubby, kinda a Yours, Mine and Ours baby.  We have the "Yours and Mine" just not the Ours :-(

6.I am a hopeless housekeeper and I always cringe when we have unexpected visitors.

7.I like to do things in order.  We have dvds waiting to be watched, I like to work my way through from the top of the pile, books to read, same thing, recipes to be made, work through them 1 by 1 (hence my cooking blog to work through all my recipes) .  Not sure if I am just an orderly type of person or whether I have a kind of OCD thing happening lol.

and now that I have shared my faults and phobias with you lol, you just have to take a look at these blogs which are regular reads of mine.  These are in no particular order, but are all favourites and my daily "must check for updates" blogs.  Congratulations guys you have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award;

Now as you can see going by these blogs, I love blogs about family life, gardening, crafting and green living and of course travelling around this great country of ours.  There are a couple here that I haven't been able to work out how to follow with my blog as yet so I just have them bookmarked.   While there are a couple in here that I discovered a while ago, it has been more recently that I have been following them on a regular basis so I will say they are newly discovered to me :-)


Niki said...

Hi Colleen, thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog & for nominating me. I have been having a blog hopping holiday through the busy winter period, but I am back and raring to visit everyone. Love your blog, Niki

Inner Pickle said...

Thank you so much for the nomination!! I'm honored!

Greenie said...

Hi Colleen - thanks so much for nominating me - I too am honoured - and completely surprised!
I love your blog too :-)

dixiebelle said...

Thank you so much!

Kate said...

What a great list of facts about you. As I am a relatively new visitor to your blog it felt like a bit of a crash course in you and your world. Oh and I am a hopeless husekeeper too-too many other much more fun things to do. Thanks so much for the award. x