Friday, April 29, 2011

Exciting dreams of hopes for the future....Fruit Trees Arrive

Well finally today was the day....

Our fruit trees from Diggers have arrived.  We have been eagerly anticipating their arrival since we placed the order on March 18th.  We have great hopes for these little trees, can already taste the sweetness of their fruits, can't wait to see the blossoms and the bees that will hopefully buzz around those little blooms.  Patient, we must be as we nurse and care for these new little lives that have been placed in our hands.  Here is the box they arrived in....I was too excited to photograph it unopened lol.  For some reason this picture refuses to turn right side up, but hey that is the way the silly courier driver delivered it anyway, standing on its end!  Those guys sometimes just can't read can they????  Or they just don't care,,,the latter of the two probably!!!

Nevertheless, our babies are all in one piece,,, and safely standing right way up on my pot table.

Here they are in all their beautiful baby glory.....

See how tall they are....

Oh I can't wait until tomorrow when we will go and buy some pots for them and some nice fresh soil for them to go in.  Yes these babies will be starting their new lives in pots as we have been discussing buying a new house in a year or two.  An "our house", one that we have both chosen together.   Hopefully a house with at least an acre of land to let our new found gardening passion blossom to its fullest extent possible.  A home where these little babies can expand their little feet well and truly into the soil and share with us their future fruits.

Here we have 10 fruit trees and a strawberry plant (this little strawberry plant was a freebie for ordering so much).

The fruit trees are as follows:

3 x apples Cox's Orange Pippin, Jonathon and Blue Pearmain
2 x pears Buerre Bosc and Red Williams
1 x Cherry Stella
1 x Nectarine Goldmine
1 x Peach Anzac
2 x Plum - Santa Rosa and Satsuma

I am so excited.  Our little yard is slowly looking more productive.  I now understand how people get so excited about plants.  I have never been a green thumb but I think we are slowly getting there.  Learning little by little how to have a productive garden.

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