Friday, April 1, 2011


Ok everyone, today I just have to share with you what could be the most yummy chocolate mousse I have had in,,,,geez I don't know how long.  I rarely eat Chocolate Mousse, mainly due to the fact that I am always trying to lose weight (lol trying new recipes sure don't help in that department!!)  Anyway here it is....its a crappy photo since I just took the pic of the bowlful lol but, oh you just have to try it!!!


2 Cups Chocolate Chips
2 Cups Thickened Cream
2 Eggs
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
Whipped cream to decorate if you like

Place chocolate chips, egg and vanilla in a blender and chop.
Heat the cream until small bubbles appear at the edge.  Do not boil.
With machine running, pour in hot cream.  Blend until chocolate is melted and mixture is smooth.
Place in fridge until cool and then beat with electric mixer until thick.

I served mine in a large bowl as I don't have any cute little dessert glasses/cups.
The mousse is a nice thick one which tastes so divine it will have you wanting more.

Other than indulging in rather fattening desserts, life has been pretty busy lately.  I think I have moved into the times of  being the official taxi service mum.  I feel like I am spending more and more time in the car lately.  Wednesday nights are just horrible, I dread them every week, I feel like from the time I pick up the kids from school, we really don't stop until they are all in bed. 

Wednesdays normally goes something like this,,,,,,,,
2.45 - leave to pick up kids from school
3.20 - finally leave school after the kids decide to dawdle out making sure I have Mr14's mate as well
3.30 - arrive home, wait for kids to unpack lunchboxes, then pack recess/snacks into said lunchboxes for next day
3.45 - take Mr16 to his part time job and then drive to pick up chicken and bread from the On the Run
4.05 - arrive back home, bring in the washing from the line, stop kids from raiding fridge reminding them it is Wednesday and we will be having toasted sandwiches in half an hour
4.15ish - Hubby arrives home and we sneak in a quick chat and coffee
4.30 - get everyone's orders for their toasted sandwiches
4.35 - break up chicken so all kids can have "chicken on the side" with their toasted sandwich and begin the toasted sandwich making
5.00 - all kids fed and eating, hubby still debating if he wants a sandwich while picking at the left over chicken
5.10 - nag the 14 year olds to get ready for soccer and make sure they have drink bottles
5.15 - clean up dinner mess and supervise kids feeding the animals
5.30 - push 14 year olds and hubby out the door to head to soccer training.
5.35 - get Mr10 to get ready for karate and make sure he and Mr8 have their drink bottles ready
5.45 - leave to take Mr10 to karate, while arguing with Mr8 saying that he cannot stay home by himself
5.55 - arrive at Karate, pay the weekly fee and take a seat until it starts.
6.15 - Receive text message from Mr16 saying he is ready to be picked up from work.  Drag Mr8 back to car and drive to pick up Mr16.  Take him home and leave Mr8 with him.  Head back to Karate again.
6.45 - Arrive back at karate and watch the last 15 minutes.
7.00 - Karate ends and we head back home.
7.15 - Arrive back home to find Mr16 has made his toasted sandwich and remind him that it is his job to clean up the mess and do his homework
7.20 - Shuffle Mr10 into shower and nag Mr8 to get his homework out
7.30 - Help Mr8 with homework and listen to reading
7.45 - Help Mr10 with homework and listen to reading
8.10 - Mr14 and Hubby arrive home and it usually turns into a race as to who will make the shower first, Mr14 or me...I normally win lol
8.30 - Wrestle Mr8 and Mr10 into bed
8.45 - Watch a program with Mr16 and Mr14
9.30 - Bedtime for Mr16 and Mr14

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