Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bowling, Big Rocking Horse, Whispering Wall....Easter goes by way too fast!

We had a lovely 5 day break over Easter, nothing got done on the house front but we kinda relaxed and just "hung out" with the kids which was nice.

On Good Friday we took the boys bowling and mini golfing.  It was great fun.  It was the first time that we have ever been to Barossa Bowland and I have to say it was pretty cool.  The boys loved it and we had an enjoyable afternoon, well most of it lol.  We played golf first and Hubby won (as usual lol).  Then we came inside to play a game of ten pin bowling.  All was going well for Hubby until he got to shot number 8.  He bowled once and felt his back go pop.  After his back issues last year, we weren't taking any chances and he sat the rest of the game out,,,,,,,naturally he still won lol.  Even with the boys taking turns to finish his game off he still thrashed us all!!  After bowling my fair share of gutterballs, I finally managed to get a Spare!!!  But overall I was pretty dismal on the score front.

Friday night we picked up Hubby's 2 kids as we have them for the following week.  Friday night became movie night, as is our usual school holiday ritual.

On Saturday Hubby was still in discomfort so he went to the doctor's surgery and prepared for a long wait.  It was one of the few clinics actually open over the Easter break so it was quite busy.  When he finally saw the doctor he was told that it was muscular this time and should heal itself in a few days and to just take some Panadeine Forte.  Needless to say I was pretty worried and wanted him to go to the hospital for a second opinion but he stood firm and said  he would see how it went.  (Update on back:  after taking it easy and being careful for the Easter break, his back is almost normal again, but he will make an appointment with his physio today to just make sure)

Easter Bunny came a day early in our house as my boys were going to their Dad's house for 2 nights.   With the boys away the house fell silent with just Miss12 and Mr10 left to entertain.  Miss12 was determined to watch a Hannah Montana marathon on TV and Mr10, well he was just his usual destructive self sadly.

On Sunday we went for a nice drive into the Adelaide Hills to  the Meadows Easter Fair.  I was a little disappointed with it, as I had been told it was basically a craft fair, but it was actually more of a second hand/bric a brac type of thing.  We did however, come away with a kilo of Nashi Pears and a large punnet of strawberries which were divine!!

Easter Monday was spent at home as we weren't sure what time the boys would be brought back.  I decided to turn it into a bit of a cooking fest.  I made my Coconut Pie, my self saucing Chocolate Pudding and I decided to try out this recipe from Farmama Farmama's Homemade Donuts, they were delish!!!  And were devoured by the tribe within seconds.

As Tuesday was a public holiday here, we took the kids up to  Gumeracha's Big Rocking Horse.  They make the most amazing wooden toys there.  They aren't cheap by any means but they are very well made.  They also have a small wildlife park at the back which is free to wander.  We bought a couple of bags of food to feed the alpacas, sheep, goats and kangaroos.  There aren't alot of animals but the kids enjoyed it and it was out in the fresh air so that is what matters.  Even Mr14 quite liked it as they had his beloved Alpacas and his next favourite thing in the world his "afro chickens" lol.  I was a little disappointed though with the fact that they are now charging to climb the Big Rocking Horse.  This has always been free to climb since I was a child.  Now it is $2 per person to climb up on it.  I know its not a lot of money but I still find it hard to believe, as naturally all the kids want to climb it and with a large family all of a sudden it costs us $16, even an "average family" of mum, dad and 2 kids would have to fork out $8 just to climb it.  I found it pretty sad.

Anyway after our adventure in the rocking horse, we wandered down to Federation Park which is a lovely park in the heart of Gumeracha.  We cooked up some sausages and onion on the free bbq while the younger kids played on the playground.  After enjoying our sausage sizzle, which always tastes better when you are out in the fresh country air, we made our way to Williamstown to take the kids to the Whispering Wall.  It was pretty busy there and we didn't get to really appreciate the sound effects so we will have to go back at another time to really allow the younger kids to appreciate it fully.  They all enjoyed walking around the top walkway of the reservoir though.

And there you have it, our Easter break......can you believe that I forgot to take photos of most of it!!!!

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