Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to School and Unbearable Heat

Why does the beginning of the school year always start off so darn hot!!!!  I have to admit that here in Adelaide we have had a pretty mild start to summer but geez why did it have to hit us all in one hit this weekend and today when the kids are having their first day back at school!!!!

The kids went off without too many dramas this morning, I have to say compared to previous years this one was bliss, although I am a little scared of what the afterschool pickup may bring.  The eldest two Mr16 and Mr14 went off no problems (I just can't believe they are in Year 11 and Year 9 this year!!!,,,,,my babies are growing up wayyyyyyy too fast, I'm so not ready for this!!).  The younger two Mr10 and Mr8 are in Years 5 and 3 this year.  These are the two I am worried about.  Mr10 wasn't concerned until he got to school and then said he was pretty nervous, but he went in with just a kiss and a hug so I will see what happens (he is my main concern though).  His teacher is a real no nonsense type of woman who doesn't smile much.  The older two both had her in year 5 as well so I know how hard she can be......I'm nervous too on this one!!!  Mr8 should be fine, he is in the same room, with the same teacher who he adores and half the kids he had last year so very little change.  He was the one who had me concerned last night though as he cried for 2 hours when he went to bed.  He kept saying he didn't know why he was crying and my patience was running out.  Finally he told us that the kids at school keep calling him fat.  Why do kids have to be so cruel?????  He was always a tiny little thing but then over the last 18 months he has put on quite a bit of weight and yes he is on the chubby side but then his older two brothers both went through a chubby stage too and then got to about the age of 12 and thinned right down.  But he is insisting that he start walking/running on the treadmill to lose weight anyway.  I will keep an eye on how this goes and talk to the teacher if he comes home upset again tonight.

OK off I go to the shops,,,,,have put it off long enough lol and it is only getting hotter out there!!!

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