Friday, February 4, 2011

Gorge Wildlife Park - what a beautiful day!! WARNING PICTURE HEAVY!

On the Monday of the last week of school holiday (Jan 24) we took the boys up to the Gorge Wildlife Park which is about 40 minutes away from our house.  It is a beautiful drive up there winding through the foot hills and around the reservoir.  It was certainly nice to see at this time of the year a healthy water level, so very different from this time last year, that is for sure!!

The Gorge Wildlife Park has been operating for many years, I remember going there many times when I was a kid and I have always loved it.  It is a privately run park and one that hasn't really changed much over the years.  We all adored the monkeys.  If you are brave you can actually hand them peanuts or a biscuit to eat.  One of them was so funny, Mr8 was dancing around and the monkey was copying his swaying movement, going the same way as Mr8.  When Mr8 stopped dancing the monkey got stroppy and through a "monkey tantrum" as Mr8 called it lol.  He ran screeched and ran down to the bottom of the cage to grab an apple out of the dish.  Then he ran back up and tried to throw it through the bars, when it wouldn't fit he grabbed it with both hands and started banging it on the bars so that apple flew everywhere, straight for Mr8.  I said to Mr8 that he had best start dancing again, so he did and the monkey was happy and started swaying again.  I so wish I had taken the video camera (silly me forgot about the video function on the camera duhhhhh).  Needless to say we spent quite a while at the monkeys and the monkey through a tantrum each time Mr8 stopped dancing lol.

Here are a few photos of our day.....

 Mr 8

 Mr 16


 Hubby (looks really thrilled doesn't he,,,,,,he is a kiwi and this was the first time he has held a koala and thats the best smile he could give me lol geeeeeeeeez!!)

 Me....I love koalas, I so wanted to take this one home (excuse the bad hair day lol)

 A little duckie friend

 THE monkey!!

 Albino wallaby and baby


 These camels were so cheeky (the one closest to the front even reached out and licked Mr16 right up the side of his face lol)

 I love eagles!!

 Isn't this dingo beautiful - he was a real poser........on the last Sunday of each month they get some animals out and walk around the park with them, the dingos are one of them......will have to go back again!!

Mr 8 also made good friends with a few of the kangaroos in the park lol  This one kept following him and was letting him hug him.....I haven't seen a kangaroo that was quite so affectionate before.

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