Monday, February 14, 2011

Should I,,,,,Shouldn't I,,,,,,this my friends is today's million dollar question!!!!!

 I have been humming and hahhing over my blog for a while now.  This blog started out as a way to document our lives in a way,,,I was never much of a diary or journalling kind of girl.  Once I got into blogs I found a world of treasures just begging me to read them....and read I did.  I have spent many, many hours taking in glimpses of other people's lives and gaining more knowledge and ideas for my life and my home in the process.  I love the blog world and all it contains......However, in that process I also decided that I am boring lol. 

I am a bit of a procrastinator, the kind of girl that hesitates, knowing what she wants to do, but the little "Perfection fairy" hangs around my head saying that unless I make it perfect it ain't worth starting.  So needless to say many of my ideas never get off the ground.  I have this huge want list that I have mentioned several times on this blog.  I have so many craft ideas that I want to do, but often feel that I won't make them good enough to look any good so I don't try (yes I know practice makes perfect lol).  I like to cook, and have hundreds, actually more like thousands of recipes, sitting here both on my computer and in folders waiting to be tried out but due to a strict budget and fussy kids, I don't try too many because I always think if the kids don't like it it will just sit there until it goes off or hubby and I will eat it which makes losing our excess weight we are both carrying very very difficult.

Anyway, I had a thought over the weekend that I might start up a new blog, keeping this one as my "diary" of sorts and my crafty show off one (when I get to craft that is!!) and a new blog which will become a cooking one.  One purely for sharing my recipes with the world lol.  At the moment I am trying to come up with a catchy name for it.  My son, Mr16, is doing cooking for his Community Studies task.  He will be cooking at home and has to come up with menu plans and then he actually has to cook a couple of meals each week.  I said to him he can try out a few new recipes each week and in the process give me the push I need to maybe get this new blog up and running.  I want to do something that will inspire others with some new cooking ideas and also help other families to provide healthy and nutritious meals at a reasonable cost.

This was dinner on Saturday night,,,,,,,my Impossible Quiche.  This is a recipe that never, I repeat NEVER fails!!  It is cheap and easy to prepare and tastes divine.  We served it with chips (at the kids request of course) and fresh garden salad,,,,,YUMMY!

Anyway, I will let you know how I go!!  I'm not sure if there are already way to many cooking type blogs out there or if the world can handle one more lol.

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