Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The things you do when boredom hits..... and it ain't even the kids that are bored lol

Yesterday I was bored beyond belief.  The kids were all entranced on various computer/tv games.....not great I know but yesterday I really couldn't deal with any complaining other than that of my autistic stepson so I let them go for it on their chosen activities.  You see, my stepson has not liked me much lately.  He can't express this verbally as he cannot talk so he does it in ways that make me feel like utter crap.  I can honestly say that the way he carries on when his dad goes to work, is like a child who is terrified of being beaten.  That is how it feels to me as he only carries on like this when his dad leaves and I have to care for him myself.  If I have one of the other kids with me it isn't so bad, he is reasonable but the second they walk away he is literally screaming.  I have exhausted all avenues.  I have tried to console and be extra nice and gentle.....he just screams louder.  I have tried the firm way of talking to him, once again screaming....I have now resorted to traditional "time out" type punishment.  I turn off his beloved dvd/tv, if he continues screaming the computer which has his music on it gets turned off, if he still continues he sits on the couch and if after all that he still continues he is sitting on a chair in the middle of the kitchen.  Yesterday it was just a continual cycle.  I would allow his things back again and within 5 minutes he would start up again, crying, yelling, screaming, throwing himself on the floor, hitting things, tearing the curtains (yes he did that).  Today is no better but I am determined that this child will not beat me.  I cannot let a 10 year old rule my life and that of the other 5 kids in the house to such an extent.

So yesterday, since I was chained to the kitchen/dining area (this is everyday occurrence when said child is here because if I disappear from view he will ransack the computer desk trying to find discs, I decided to get a little creative and made this little guy....(I know the sewing sucks, my machine decided it would not longer do zigzag stitch and also refused to reverse) and I should have just hand sewn the eyes and nose because I am hopeless at sewing circles lol but oh well he got made nevertheless.  He was a pattern I made ages ago for some little "alien men" as my son called them then.

Ok here goes, I cringe at sharing this but hey I did say I would share everything I try didn't I lol.

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