Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you I'm so chuffed!!!! My first ever blog award.....

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Kelly over at Kellyansapansa
for awarding me with my very first blog award. I am really chuffed.
This little award is aptly named because it makes me feel happy just looking at it lol.

Now in accordance with the award, I need to list ten things that make me here we go...

  1. My hubby and I spending time together, we get about 1 night a fortnight where we don't have children and I always look forward to this time. Sometimes it is only a 24 hour period spread over the two days of the weekend, so after lunch Saturday till lunch or so on Sunday but it is "our" time to just relax and enjoy one another's company.
  2. When my children achieve goals in their lives, such as my eldest boy getting his first part time job last month at KFC, my Mr13 graduating from primary school and looking so grown up in his suit for his graduation, my Mr9 achieving his yellow belt in Karate back in November, and my youngest managing to do his part in the class Christmas Nativity play and overcome his extreme anxiety.
  3. When my autistic stepson looks into my eyes and stares for that brief 20 seconds or so, when it feels like you have made a connection and he really understands.
  4. When my stepdaughter enjoys herself while she is with us. At times we feel like she only comes here because she has to, so when she chooses to really forget about her "other life" for a bit and just enjoy herself it is such a relief.
  5. Logging in to my Blog and finding new followers and to see my little counter numbers always amazes me that people actually read my ramblings lol, and I love to explore other people's blogs and feel inspired and feel connected to so many wonderful people.
  6. When we spend time as a family and just enjoy each other's company. I don't care where we are, but as long as there is no electrical equipment involved I am happy!!!
  7. Planting new plants in our garden and seeing them grow,,,,,our garden is definitely a work in progress and we have a long way to go but coming from two people who definitely don't have green thumbs, we are beginning to get there I believe.
  8. Accomplishing things off my to do list....I have so many things I want to do and achieve that I become overwhelmed so often. So to achieve each little thing makes me very happy.
  9. Watching our little kittens playing together, they are so funny!!
  10. Being the best mum that I can be and being there for each of my children's special moments, I wouldn't trade that for the world!!!!

Ok now to pass this award on to others......this is so hard!!! I read so many blogs that I love so please don't take offense if your name doesn't come up in my list,,,,,and please don't leave me :-)

Here in no particular order are my "chosen ones".....

This is the Story of our Journey... I love reading your adoption story. I waited in eager anticipation for you to bring your little boy home and I look forward to sharing his life as he grows up. I find this blog an inspiration to me as we would love to expand our family further and adoption strikes a huge chord with me.

down---to---earth Rhonda lives the sort of life that I strive to. I love reading her blog to find ways to just do simple little things that help me to live a simpler life. There is such a peace and calm to her blog that I enjoy reading it when I am feeling stressed, I find it helps to calm and slow me down.

Romi Jade This blog inspires me to want to teach myself to sew. I mean I can do the basics but you truly amaze me with things you make, and your little girl is so cute. This blog always puts a smile on my face. If ever you need inspiration to follow your dreams Jessica will surely provide it! This is one girl who never let the doubting people stop her and she is achieving what most people only dream about.

Keepin up with the Joneses Another lady who has four boys. Yes I have my step children too but it is so nice to "meet" someone else with four boys lol. It is like peeking into my own life in a way.

Welcome to my life! Mel always has a good outlook no matter what she is going through. I love taking a peek at her blog!

Sugar Pie Farmhouse This is the place I go when I want to feel warm fuzzies, the pictures and just good old American goodness shines through. I have always wanted to go to America and I have always felt that in some past life I must have lived there because I just long for so much that is American. I can't get this link to work properly for some reason but please go and have a look at this blog. I love the pictures that Ree puts up of her life on her farm/ranch. Confessions of a Pioneer Woman is an inspiring blog for me and it is guaranteed to always put a smile on my face.

getting thrifty Leslie strikes a chord with me. The name of her blog is what drew me to it but once I started reading I was hooked. I love the way she writes and yes a smile is never far away when I read this.

and lucky last......

Elissa Is Achieving Her Dreams because like me she is trying to lose weight this year, and also like me her aim is aim is at least 20 but more towards the 30. 20 would make me pretty darn happy but 30 would make me ecstatic lol.

I just about had to play eenie meenie minie mo lol but finally I got to 10. There are just so many blogs that I read that make me smile.

Have a great day everyone!!


Kellyansapansa said...

You are very welcome - great list!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for giving me my first blog award. I was so excited this morning when I seen your comment. You have just made my day!!

OurGangof7 said...

Thank you Kelly :-)

You are welcome Leslie!! This was my first award as well so I know what you mean about being excited lol.