Friday, January 29, 2010

I think we have made some progress...YAY!!!!!

Ok it is now Day 3 of the new school year.

After Mr6 having an awful start I am pleased to say that he came out happy on Day 1.

Day 2, he went to school happy and came out happy (I just about did the happy dance on the way out from drop off lol!).

Day 3 he was really great going to school, until his "friend" who is just constantly in his face and is a great kid but knows Mr6's weaknesses and likes to tease from time to time (don't you hate it how some kids are like that, friends one minute and total horrors the next), annoyed him before the morning bell even went. He started to go into sook mode and my heart began to sank. Thankfully by the time he got upstairs he unpacked his back fine and went in ok, only to have a look at the board to see what they had on for the day. I looked too and saw the word "Assembly" and cringed (he just freezes at the thought of assembly and it is enough to push him to instant tears and onwards to make himself sick). He was looking through the rest of the day and I conveniently skimmed over that word. Then he said "what is the word starting with A", I said "oh look you have fitness this morning, that will be fun", trying to change the subject. Then his "friend" comes up and says in a laughing tone "oh look we have got assembly this morning",,,,Yep thanks for that mate! Instantly the tears started and it took me to drag him to the teacher and ask in front of him if they were singing etc up the front of the assembly, to which thankfully the answer was no. Straight away the tears stopped and he was happy, sheesh my child could just about win an Oscar with the way he can turn moods on and off I swear!!!!!!!

But overall, I think we are doing pretty good for the year so far lol. This is progress, many other parents wouldn't agree but for me this is pretty darn good!!!

As for my other little stress head, Mr9, he is going great. So far he loves his class and has been having "fantastic" to use his word, days. I hope this keeps up. After seeing a couple of the kids that have previously picked on him being put in his class I am a little apprehensive, but for now at least, it is all good!!!

Now if I can just concentrate on getting this house organised and neat things would be rosy lol!!!

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Kellyansapansa said...

Sounds like your school year has started relatively well. Here's hoping it continues that way!