Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Day Back At School - We Welcome the 2010 School Year

Well here we are at the beginning of yet another school year. I so wish I could say that my morning went smoothly but alas no, I still had one very upset little boy this morning.

Mr15 went off to Year 10 without a problem.....until he sees the amount of homework he will get lol, but he was eager to find out what choice subjects he has ended up with.

Mr13 was fine for his first day of high school. He is pretty much a cool as a cucumber type of kid so he was unphased about it lol.

Mr9 went off to start Year 4. After a really horrible year with him last year I was surprised that he went off so easily this morning. He was eager to see who was in his class and what teacher he would get as they weren't told at the end of last year. Normally they get to go to their new classrooms and meet the kids that will be with them and their new teacher but the classrooms were getting revamped and they had no teacher allocated for his class so they all just got told which room they would be in. I was a bit upset to see two of the boys who he had had problems with last year were once again in his class after me asking for them not to be. I have let it go for the moment since he was eager to get into class but they will be hearing about it if there are any problems! There is only 1.5 classes of year 4 so I do understand that this limits the amount of separating they can do but still!

Mr7 was the hard one as usual. We had an awful time with him last night when he went to bed, but finally he went to sleep and got up this morning and got dressed without an issue. The issues began the second I said it was time to go. All of a sudden he is in tears saying he didn't want to be sick. He tends to work himself up to such a state that he makes himself ill. I calmed him down but he said nothing all the way to school and when we got to his classroom he was a mess. The only way I got out of there was when one of the SSOs came up and took him in for me.

I feel so stressed out thinking that this year may just hold more of the same from last year. I don't know what to do about it at this point. I am beginning to think I may have no choice but to either try a different school or else homeschool them. I will wait for a couple of weeks and see how things pan out but I think it has hit crunch time where I will have to make a decision. It can't be good for either of them getting so emotional all the time.

My ex was amazed on the weekend when he asked if I was looking forward to them going back to school and I said "NO". He said they must have been really well behaved all school holidays, I just looked and said "well yeah they were pretty good, but its not that, I just can't go through another year like last year", his answer was "well you just have to be tougher on them".....sheesh he took them to school 3 times for the whole entire year. His answer to anything to do with it is "be tougher" he said to the kids that if they refused to go to school maybe he would have to say they couldn't go to his house for the weekend.....great so punish them by making them stay with me,,,,who is getting punished here???? I don't mean that to sound like I wouldn't want to have them lol, I just think geez I go through hell all through the week and then you want to take away my weekend off by making them stay with me for that too. I politely looked at him and said "that won't be necessary!!!",,,,,,MEN!!!!!

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Kellyansapansa said...

Hehe - that's why exes are exes. If they were any good, we'd still be with them!