Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A morning of twiddling thumbs.....the joy of 13 year old sleepovers

Well here I sit actually for a change wanting to get some housework done but not game to incase I wake up the sleeping "monsters" lol.

My just turned Mr13 had a birthday party sleepover last night with 4 of his best buddies. There were originally only 3 but then while playing XBox on Monday he met up with a friend he hasn't seen in a year due to said friend moving schools. So of course I was asked if we could just squeeze one more in......well why not lol, one more won't make a difference when we will have 7 boys in the house anyway!

Hubby and I did begin to wonder about our moving around of rooms that we did over the christmas break though. We moved into Mr13's room which was the largest room and the room where we used to regularly host sleepovers and be able to close them off to the back of the house where they had the big bedroom to sleep and the family room and a bathroom. We put the eldest and younger two boys down the front of the house and closed it off with the sliding door which blocks out majority of the noise and then we had the joy of only having a door closed between us and "the gang" lol. We didn't go to bed till about 12.30 ourselves and I had trouble getting to sleep because no matter how "quiet" 13 year olds try to be, they are never quiet lol. I dozed off then woke at 2.30,,,yep they are all still awake and playing XBox. Finally I dozed back off at 3.30 or so, only to wake again at 5am,,,,,yep you guessed it, all still going. Finally at 5.45 just as the sun was beginning to brighten the room, it went quiet. By this point I couldn't sleep and lay there until the alarm went off at 6.30 for hubby to get ready for work and for my eldest son to get ready to go to his part time job at KFC. Three of the boys were asleep with two still playing. Five minutes later one of those had dozed off and that left one boy standing lol. He said he had caught a couple of hours shut eye during the night thats why he was still up.

Now here I sit at 9.57am and there are four of them asleep and I am wanting to run the but I can't be that mean.

Hubby will be picking my eldest up from KFC for me at 11 then coming back here for the birthday cake which no one felt like last night so in my wisdom I said we would do the candles and singing for morning tea hindsight maybe that wasn't such a clever idea???? Oh well at 11 these boys will be getting woken up so that we can sing and I can take some photos of the gang together. Three of them will be catching up at high school but this year sees the other two going off to different schools some distance away, so I want to get some photos of them together for potentially the last time before they all make new friendships etc.

Aaah well looks like we will be having birthday cake for breakfast at this rate lol........

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