Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The trip to Adelaide.....novelty is wearing off very fast on this one!

As many of you know, each school holidays now that we are in Melbourne, consists of us doing two return trips to/from Adelaide.  One to pick up the other kids and one to return the other kids.  The way we are doing this is to drive over there leaving early on Saturday morning.  My younger two boys stay with their Dad on Saturday night (hubby and I have to find accommodation) and then leave early Sunday morning for the trip back.  It is an exhausting weekend with about 18 hours spent driving.

The trip isn't a bad one.  It is reasonably scenic but at the same time when it is done regularly it seems a little neverending.  The best invention ever would have to be portable DVD players lol.  They have truly been our saving grace for these trips.  We have travelled this road 9 times in the space of 12 weeks, each trip lasting 9-10 hours and my younger two boys have been with us each and every trip.  My youngest, Mr10 loves the trips (how long this enthusiasm will keep up for is anyone's guess!).  Hubby is getting good use out of his inverter (converter?),,,,hmmm whatever that thing is you plug into the cigarette lighter and it allows you to run power from lol.  This along with the dvd players would have to have been money well spent.  Of course, we are also keeping the DVD industry in business now too as we have bought quite a few new DVDs over the last 6 months (thank goodness for Ebay).

I started making a crochet blanket to take with me on these trips.  I do find though that the majority of the time I tend not to do it.  I'm not the sort of person that can sit still for ages and when I'm home I tend to crochet and wriggle, crochet and wriggle,,,,,,,you can't quite achieve wriggling and crocheting a blanket as successfully in a car.  I found also that as my blanket is getting bigger (it is a huge crochet granny square,,,,well its not huge but it is growing lol) that it is just too warm to do in the car.  I kept turning the air con up or winding down windows and then everyone got cranky with me cuz they were too cold lol.  So needless to say my idea of something easy and relatively mindless to do in the car, isn't quite working out.  I think I will have to make something smaller and just follow a pattern as best I can while doing car trips.....either that or do a blanket like my previous one which requires many small granny squares!

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of the pics I took along the way too and from Adelaide,,,,,,strictly scenery this time (sorry the windscreen shots show a pretty horrible looking windscreen lol!!)

Approaching the city from the Citylink road showing the Aami Park roof on the right

Entering onto the Westgate Bridge

Westgate Bridge

Westgate Bridge (you can't get a decent photo over the sides since the tragedy with the father and daughter happened a while back they have installed barriers right along it)

View from the Majestic Minima which is on Melbourne Street, North Adelaide

The Minima stands for minimalistic rooms - only 14m2

Tiny but perfectly fine for a 1 night stay

The morning view from our room

Canola Fields

Entering Melbourne - Westgate Bridge

The Harbour

The entrance to the Burnley Tunnel which runs under the Yarra River - 3.4kms of darkness (Can you tell I hate tunnels lol,,,,especially ones which run underneath a river!!!)

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Joy Belle said...

Don't blame you about the Burnley Tunnel..The thought of having a river over your head is just a bit scary to me. Love the canola field pics. Isn't it such a brilliant yellow??