Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday morning Chilling Out

Can you believe it is Monday again!!!

These weeks are just flying by which means Christmas will soon be upon us.  This year I am the most unorganised I have EVER, and I mean seriously EVER been for Christmas.  Up until last Thursday I had not one present,,,,now I have a few stocking fillers but that is about it.  You would think only have two kidlets here with me, I would be super organised but nope it sure ain't working like that.  I think not have the other kids plays havoc with your emotions and just totally frazzles your brain and you end up not achieving anything.

But we must keep plodding on and I'm sure it will all turn out in the end.

Here are a few pics of my furry friends this morning......

Dopey in his favorite morning position in Mr10/s window

Mojo sunning himself (he is so over due for a clip and a bath,,,,,,,this week I really need to do him he is matted mess because every time it has rained he runs around in the rain and then rolls in the grass and turns into a nightmare dog lol)

Here is Shadow,,,,excuse the pic taken through the window, I didn't want to wake her

Smudge is also enjoying the warmth

This weekend, we finally got our butts into gear on Saturday and put together our new veggie gardens.  Originally hubby was going to build our own but these lighter coloured ones you can see were on special at Mitre 10 a few weeks ago for just $17 each.  They measure 1.2 x 1.2 metres and stand about 30cms tall.  For that price we couldn't really go wrong.  I would have liked taller ones but realistically since the budget is tight, the cost of filling the bigger ones would have meant they would have sat around empty, whereas the 5 we have (the one on the left is one from our old house we managed to bring with us) will only take approximately 2 tonne to fill.  So budget wise this is it for this year at least.

I apologise for this being taken through the window screen,,,was avoiding the dogs doing their over excited jump up routine every time I walk out the door lol

So now we just need the garden fairy to pay a visit and fill these up with soil and plant us out some veggies (and hope like crazy that the dogs don't destroy the little seedlings too).  I like to grow from seed but this year I think it is just going to have to be seedlings since I don't even have my box which contained my seeds here yet.....we still have boxes at Hubby's work that we haven't bought home!!!

Tomorrow I will be back to share some other photos of the weekend :)

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Joolz said...

You are one step ahead of me! I have 2 foot tall grass growing where I want my veggie garden and no nice raised beds like yours! I must get onto Gus and see if we can get some beds organised too.

Cheers - Joolz