Thursday, October 11, 2012

Round up of school holidays at last :)

Today I will zip my lips and just share some photos lol,,,,,if I start "talking" I don't shut up so here goes :-)

Hubby's birthday cake and "the pricey pavlova" - don't you just love the fancy plate that I gave the pav lol

Birthday boy silliness

St Kilda Beach

St Kilda Beach

Mr17's magazine centerfold pose lol

Miss13 and Mr10

Hubby and Mr12 with Autism (2 seconds later he threw a massive tantrum lol,,,sometimes I can snap a pic at just the right moment!)

Views over Frankston

The beautiful Frankston coastline

These pics kinda make me wish we had moved closer to the beach rather than inland (but it is only about 30-40 minutes drive so no further than we used to be to the beach)

Looking back towards Frankston
More pics to come tomorrow........

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