Monday, October 15, 2012

Our last outing with the kids in the holidays

The final day before we left to take the kids back to Adelaide was the trip to the Melbourne Markets.  Although not quite as vibrant and full as it would have been on the weekend, we had no choice this time but to go on the Friday as we hadn't had all the kids for a weekend this holidays.  Our weekends were spent travelling back and forth to Adelaide to actually pick them up!

We went to the Melbourne Markets and the Caribbean Markets.  Miss13 managed to spend all of her money on One Direction gear while the boys bought they are more like their mum and content just to browse and plan for a later date than to spend up big. 

Today I am feeling really tired and flat for some reason so I will just leave you with a few pics of our day.  It is so windy here today, best I go and move all my potted trees into a more sheltered spot or I have a feeling they will all blow over!!




Mr17, Hubby and Mr12

Hubby and Mr12 (yep we put him in a wheelchair when we are out as it is the only way to contain him and if we don't he throws massive tantrums when we have to walk for more than 5 minutes!)


The Gang
And here are some views along the Eastlink heading out of Melbourne

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Lisa said...

Great pictures, I live in New York and love to see pictures of Australia.