Monday, September 3, 2012

Fathers Day of a different kind for us

Well yesterday was Fathers Day, our first spent as a split apart blended family (lol sounds weird but that is what it is).  Our first main event celebration day that we have spent living without two thirds of our children.  It felt weird to me, really weird.  I didn't like it and I know that if it is still like this on Mother's Day next year I will find it extremely tough going.

Hubby awoke to a cooked breakfast of grilled tomato, bacon, eggs and toast,,,complete with a coffee of course.  Mr12 and Mr10 were in charge of the eggs, toast and coffee.  They did a brilliant job with majority of the eggs managing to stay intact lol.


Hubby received a surprise card and gift voucher from my older two boys which I was really pleased about.  I had no idea that they had planned anything and I am so happy that they thought to do something to help make the day special :-)

I was very disappointed though that Hubby's kids sent nothing, not even a card.  I have always organised the Fathers Day presents from his kids in the past, but thought that since we are now interstate that their Mum would have at least organised for them to send Hubby a card, but nope, not a thing :( .  I had contemplated sending blank cards over to them to sign and then send a prestamped envelope with it so they could send them back but I knew that the chance of them getting posted back here was pretty remote.  Miss13 finally sent a "happy fathers day" text through at about 10.30am but that was it.  No phone call or anything else.  I truly am beginning to feel that life like this when it comes to Hubby's kids at least, is going to be all give and nothing will ever come in return.

After a leisurely morning at home enjoying breakfast and a few little presents we made our way to the Caribbean Gardens Markets.  I had been here as a kid when we had been visiting my brother who was living in Melbourne at the time and loved it.  It wasn't quite as great as I remember but it is still a lovely place to come.  The markets are large with about 1000 stalls apparently and the variety of things you can buy here was really impressive.  Then you have large grassy areas and decent size play ground complete with a couple of old army tanks for the kids to climb on.  Of course, you also have rides that cost money too lol.  Mr10 went on the cars, he loves these things!!  Then we went for a ride on the chairlift.  I don't particularly like chairlifts as I hate heights but I sucked it up in the spirit of the day lol (this particular chairlift also went over a lake which made me extra nervous!).  They have a jungle cruise and a train ride also, which we will go on next time we come.  Overall it was a lovely day out, especially so because the weather was beautiful!





To top it off they had a competition running for Fathers Day with the chance to win a ticket to the Sandown 500 V8 Supercars and can you believe it? We actually won lol.  I never win anything and just about fell over when my name was called out!!

Of course, it is only one ticket so now we will have to buy another ticket, but still it is a ticket for the full 3 days plus the paddock pass so it is valued about about $112 or so.  We are thinking of maybe just buying a ticket to either Saturday or Sunday and taking the kids (kids are free with an adult ticket).  A one day pass is about $72 I think so we may have to splurge and buy a ticket, it would seem silly not to take advantage of our winnings.

Overall I think Hubby had a nice day.  He didn't say anything but I know that he was feeling it being away from his kids.  He knows that I am missing the kids immensely so he doesn't like to say anything as he is still feeling like this whole move was his fault......which it was lol but I do understand his reasoning, even if I still struggle with it all.  Lucky I love him, thats what I keep saying!!

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Niki said...

Must be hard to to be away from the kids on days like this. Thinking of you. The markets look great. Love Markets & Melbourne. And your place looks like its lovely. Just gotta make it home now. x