Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Views from my Windows

This morning is cold here, and rather windy.  I have been pondering my plans for my gardens.  I quickly snapped a photo out my front door, one out the kitchen window and one from the family room turned bedroom of Mr10 and Miss13 when she is here.

This first photo is the view out of my kitchen window,,,,,not very pretty right now I know.  The view we have right into our neighbours house bothers me,,,,ALOT.  These neighbours are on the "feral" side to say the least.  They say you can't pick your neighbours and they are right.  While they do at least say hello, they are loud and do nothing but argue and their house is a total mess to look at from the outside.  They show no respect for anyone with the son coming home in a large truck which he reverses up into their yard, leaving huge chunks out of the lady across the road's lawn in the process due to the wet weather we have had.  Our plans for this area are to build a verandah right the way along here and to add some sort of trellis to block the view.,,,,,,I can't wait!!!!  This will also provide us with a nice outdoor entertaining area, at the moment we have a small alfresco area which you see here and that is it.

Here is the view from the front door.  Our house is built on a slight rise, which has made getting in and out of the car rather interesting lol.  You can't tell in this photo but the driveway has quite a slope on it......sadly our garage is too full to fit the car into it (all the more incentive to restart my selling on Ebay and Quicksales lol!!)  The front yard has a couple of plants - geraniums and a daisy or two in front of our bedroom window and that is it.  I would love to plant my lemon myrtle tree out here but not sure if it would be best left in a big pot instead to contain its growth better.  I really need to plant something in front of our bedroom window though as it gets the afternoon sun and I think it will get very hot in summer.  I am striving to keep mainly productive plants in this yard so that I can get the most out of our available space.  I love the smell of lemon myrtle!!

Here is the photo out of our family room/bedroom window.  The tree on the left is at the edge of the yard and then there is another identical one over behind that yellow flowering bush you can see.  Our aim is to get rid of the plants you see and replace them with our fruit trees which you can just see in the pots along the fence.  There is a guy two doors down with fruit trees along a similar length of his fence and he has approximately 8 fruiting trees.  I have 10 fruit trees so am hoping to do the same with an extra one on each side fence.  We also have some feijoa trees which I may put along our side strip in front of the house.

Our greyhound, Shadow, thought it just might be a suitable time to come inside......sadly she was mistaken lol.  Today is cold in the wind but she has a nice sheltered area just there and the sun keeps coming out so she can enjoy the sun for a little while I think.

See the blue tarp to the right of this picture.  The last two days I have folded it and put on the cupboard you see on the right,,,,,,each day she has stolen it and dragged it around the yard.  The thing under her rear paw is a carpet piece which is supposed to live as a door mat just in front of the door,,,,this too has been dragged around the yard, at least this time she has bought it back in the right vicinity I suppose lol.


Tania @ Out Back said...

I cant believe I see sunshine. When ever we visit Melbourne it pours lol!

I think I agree with putting some sort of privacy screen up so the neighbours cant see in to your yard.

Your back yard looks to be a nice size.

Look at that sad face looking in your door...awww!


Joolzmac said...

A week has gone by, so how is the house settling going? Hope things are going well for you,