Sunday, November 27, 2011

From Hubby's Boss......Merry Christmas........

.....your position is terminated!

How cold and heartless can big companies be.  This company took on 3 guys in 3 states of Australia, taking them from a company they all worked for but were unhappy in.  He wanted to expand his company in the area that these 3 guys specialised in.  He has had them for no more than 11 months at the most, got the information and the new customers he needs and now has terminated all three of them at the same time quoting it is due to the economic climate....this is while announcing he is hiring 4 new storemen in Victoria and WA!

I just want to scream right now!


Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh no, that is terrible news :(

Hoping you are okay and that hubby can find another job as soon as possible...

Thinking of you,


Niki said...

Oh I feel for you. So much. Bad at any time of year, but with Christmas & with kids to feed. Unbelievable.
I hope your husband gets a really fantastic job real soon.
Every thing has a silver lining & I hope yours is that he gets a better, brighter job with better pay really soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!
I feel very strongly about matters like this - our family company too is taking a toll from the mines 'pinching' tradies that we have trained. *sigh*

Where is the old fashioned loyality to each other?

I hope your husband finds work soon, you are in my thoughts - both of you as you work though this. Emily

Ngo Family Farm said...

So sorry to hear this! How incredibly disappointing and frustrating. We've been there, too. I hope this means there's just something better around the corner, and this difficult time will bring you even closer as a family.

Anonymous said...

That really sux, right before Xmas, Big Hugs xx

Tania @ Out Back said...

Hi Colleen,

You and your family have been in my thoughts a lot and hopefully you are doing okay...I hope that your hubby has had some success with finding another job. What a terrible situation to place your family in at this time of year...I see on the news that other families have been placed in the same dilemma by other companies closing down :(

Take care,