Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adelaide Credit Union Christmas Pageant 2011

I know this is a bit late,,,,,have been having internet problems all week ggrrrrrrrr!!

Last Saturday was the annual Christmas Pageant through the streets of Adelaide.  Every year since I have had children of my own, I have made the trip into Adelaide, bright and early on Saturday morning to take up our position along the blue honour line which curls its way through the streets of Adelaide.  This year though, was the first year since my eldest was just a baby that I have only had one child to take :(.  This year my eldest two refused to join us and Mr11 and Mr9 had to make the choice between spending Friday night with their Dad (this was the only night this week that they could have their sleepover at his house) or stay with us and get up at the crack of dawn to head into town.  Mr11 chose to go to Dad's while Mr9 chose to come to the pageant (I was secretly really happy with his choice :-)   ).  Miss12 and our other Mr11 were both at their Mum's house this weekend so we didn't have them either.

So we set our alarms for 6am and made it out the door at 6.55.  We arrived in the city  and parked our car at about 7.30 and then trudged up King William Street to find ourselves a spot.  We were amazed at how busy it was.  Normally we get there at about 8.30 and haven't had too much problem in finding a spot but this year we actually had to squeeze ourselves into a gap,,,,,lucky we did only have 1 child with us!!!!  This year was forecast to be about 30 degrees so it was quite warm sitting in the sun.  I love the traditional drawing on the streets with chalk that goes on by many of the kids who go.  We always take a bucket of chalk with us so the kids can decorate their patch of road and we always take some bubble mix so they can blow bubbles too.

Here are some photos of the day,,,,,,I'm getting into Christmas mode,,,this weekend the tree goes up and during the week next week we hang our outside Christmas lights,,,,yippeee!!

Mr9's patch of road

Mr9 with Hubby taking time out to read the paper

The leading float

I always call this guy Bobo,,,not sure what his real name is lol

I wish I got a close up of this float, the penguins all glide around their little snow track, pretty awesome

Puss in Boots

In the big trash can is a cat that pops up



I will post some more photos tomorrow


Sweet Tea said...

What a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy the parade.
Was it actually 30 degrees, or was that a typo?
I don't see any coats worn by anyone.
I consider 30 degrees COLD. Brrrrr!!
Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic tradition for you to have, alas our children ditch us for their other parents,,,,mine have all decided Xmas day will be with their Dads,,,so for me I will drink and be Merry with no resposibilties till Boxing Day!!

Niki said...

Looks like a fantastic day.

I love the dragon float.