Friday, November 18, 2011

Adelaide Credit Union Christmas Pageant 2011 - Part 2

Finally I have made it back to blog the rest of the photos from the Christmas Pageant.....well not all of the photos as there were approximately 100 floats and bands etc but a few more of our favourite ones at least lol.  The Adelaide Christmas Pageant began in 1933 and is an annual event, I hope will never die.  I believe in these times when there is so little joy in people's faces, with everyone suffering from financial stress, things like this are truly needed.  Something that families can go to which costs nothing but a parent's time (and patience lol) that lights up children's eyes and brings to life the magic of childhood.

Click on the photos to enlarge them :-)

Nellie the Elephant is one of the oldest floats dating back to 1950

Nipper and Nimble get taken to the Magic Cave to give rides to children when they go there to visit Santa

And the man all the kids are waiting for arrives last

Santa was welcomed with a very warm day in Adelaide

Tomorrow we are off to the local Christmas Pageant (done on a much much smaller scale lol) as my Mr11 is in it with the rest of his Karate Group.  Temperature today is meant to be a scorcher 37 degrees,,,,the weather man says tomorrow will be a much nicer 23 degrees with rain,,,,,I hope he is right!!!!  I would much rather the kids get wet than get heat stroke!

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