Monday, July 25, 2011

When your child needs surgery.....

On Friday my baby, Mr9, needed surgery. 

Now don't worry it wasn't anything serious or life threatening but just something that he had to have done to ensure his future health.  It was something that was brought to my attention a few months ago and after having it seen to by our family doctor, he agreed that it needed specialist attention.  So off to the specialist we went and as we don't have private health cover we thought we would be waiting 6-12 months for the actual surgery.  Amazingly I had a phone call just a few days after our appointment with the specialist saying we could have the surgery done in 2 weeks time.....well that was a little soon for my liking, especially after reassuring my little boy that it would be at least Christmas time before he had to worry about it!  So I put it off for a further four weeks.  This date was July 22.

I was astonished when my little trooper wasn't at all nervous about the surgery.  We had to be at the hospital at 7am and he got up at 6am without complaining.  No breakfast could be had, but he didn't complain.  After checking in at the hospital they showed him to his bed.  He played video games for a while  and then it was time to go to theatre.  He said he was getting nervous and I thought "Here we go, I can see the tears coming" but nope, he remained calm.  He decided that he didn't need me to go with him while they put him to sleep, he wanted to do it by himself.  I just about fell over at this point lol, my little boy was acting so grown up! I went and sat in the waiting room just outside theatre.  I tell you it was the longest hour and a half of my life.   I hate to think how I would have felt if it was something serious he was having surgery for!!

Finally I got to go to him in recovery where he had been sick.  10 minutes later they moved him back to the ward and he started to return to normal,,,,,until he got up to go to the toilet.  He was sick again, then a couple of hours later when they said he could get ready to go home, sick again.  They ended up keeping him for 8 hours instead of the usual 4 hours after surgery.  When he had dinner and kept it down for about an hour they decided he could leave.

He said that he wanted to stay because he had more games he wanted to play lol.  That was when I was able to breathe again properly, I knew my little boy was back!!

I hate it when my babies are sick in any way, I'm sure there isn't a mother in the world who doesn't agree with me on that one.

Today is the first day back at school for the kids, Mr9 has scored an extra couple of days at home with me so I will try to get this house back into shape around him, while still taking time out for our DVD watching and snuggle time.

Enjoy your day everyone!


Tania @ Out Back said...

It is very worrying when your child is sick or in need of surgery. I always wish I could take their place so I can bear the pain for them. I have to admit that I shed tears...big sook I am!

OurGangof7 said...

Thanks Tania! I am a big sook too and have to admit that I had to hold back the tear several times during Friday!! My baby is braver than me!!!

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

oh my heart went bump there when i read he was sick...but I smiled when I read about him asking to stay longer so he could play games :)
It is very distressing when your children are sick. Hope he recovers quickly.

Patti~~~ said...

I'm glad your little guy did so well! It is always frightening when our children need surgery of any kind----so, I'm glad mama made it through, as well!!

I appreciate your blog very much, by the way, and look forward to reading each post. Have a lovely week!