Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How can things like this happen?????

On the radio this morning I heard that an elderly lady who lived in Sydney I think it was, was found dead in her home.  Now while that is nothing rare to hear, the part that shocked me was the fact that they think she died up to 8 years ago!!!!  Apparently no one had reported her missing and the last time people apparently saw her was in 2003!

This just saddens me to my core.  How on earth can someone not be missed for 8 years!  I feel so sad for her.  Obviously she had no family or friends that cared and no neighbours found it strange that she just seemingly disappeared.

Is this a sign of how society is turning out these days???   Do we honestly not care for anyone anymore?

I hope this poor lady can finally rest in peace.  Words are escaping me right now so I will end with this beautiful picture that I found online.....


Melissa Jane said...

Thanks for your comment - I'm glad someone else has experienced a "tornado child".
Unfortunately, I think the poor lady you refer to and her circumstances are a sign of the times. People these days seem to be torn between knowing what's going on in the neighbourhood and keeping their own privacy.

Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh I hadn't heard about this poor lady! How shocking and sad :(

I think everyone is just too busy living their lives that they just dont have time to care...Even family doesn't seem important anymore, people seem to be worried about "self", and how much they can earn and have = greed! (Just my 2 bobs worth)

What is the world coming to? A scary thought.

You have a nice day :)

balletmama said...

How very sad. You dropped in to my blog recently and commented on my post about my disabled son having friends. Here is a good example of why I am so keen to make this happen. Whilst it is unlikely while his Dad and I are living that something like this could happen, we do fear for what could happen once we're gone. Perhaps this dear lady had been on her own for many years prior to her death, and she departed this Earth in the manner that she would have wished. I pray that this is the case.

OurGangof7 said...

Thank you for your comments :-)

I know it is a sign of the times and it is so horrible that things like that can happen. I have read a couple of more articles about it all since then and they disturbed me just as much as the initial news did. It is just so sad.

Balletmama, yes I know what you mean about worrying about your disabled son for the "after" period when parents are no longer around. It is truly a scary thought and one which sadly there isn't a clear straightforward answer for.

OK enough sad talk for the moment, its almost the weekend, have a happy one everyone!

Beck said...

Hi, I too read about this poor woman and also felt so sad that this could happen. In the small town where we live I like to be connected to other people, neighbours etc and care for those in need. I hope my kids are growing up with these values too. Just came by your blog today and have really enjoyed having a look around. Good luck with your dreams, I'll be back to say hi another day xo

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Oh that is really sad :( It is lovely that she is being thought of here by you and because of that, others will think of her - and lonely neighbours - also.