Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Stats Tell Me.....

.....that I have had visitors from far and wide over the last week.

Some times it still amazes me how the internet links people together.  To think that my little ramblings have been read in all these far off countries is quite astounding in a way lol.

My little Stats counter thingie (geez I'm just so technical aren't I lol), shows that this week I have had visitors from:
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Germany and 


I want to say  a friendly aussie "Hi" to all the people that have popped in.  Because I am a naturally inquisitive (aka "nosey") person lol, please say hi to me in a comment and share your blog with me if you have one.  I love finding new blogs to read.  You see, in my house I have kids that are Xbox addicts and a hubby that loves his fair share of computer games.  While I don't mind playing the occasional game, I would much rather read blogs and learn new things in the process.  I love to find different ways of doing things, new recipes, craft ideas, all sorts of things.
So if you pop in, please take an extra minute and just say a little hello.  I promise to return the favour :-)

I thought I would share with you a few songs from an Australian Aboriginal band which made it big a number of years ago.  The band is "Yothu Yindi".  Their music spoke volumes to me and inspired me to learn more about Aboriginal culture.  While today, I have to admit I still don't know all that much, I feel that this band made Australia in particular, stand up and take notice of what had happened to the indigenous people of this country.  The first song is called Treaty and while it holds a strong political message, it is a song which has a fantastic beat and I have listened to many, many times. 
This next song is World Turning Right.  This would have to be my favourite song from Yothu Yindi.  It always made me feel happy.

And finally, here is "Tribal Voice", this one talks about indigenous people all over the world.  Fantastic Song.

I hope you enjoy the music.

And please don't forget to say hi if you can :-) I would love to "meet" you.

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Tania @ Out Back said...

I think there are some stat counters out there that can tell you who visited your blog. Sorry I dont know which one though.

Thank you for sharing the songs, I always enjoy aussie artists, and love Yothu Yindi music. Have you heard of the Pigram Brothers? Another great group from Broome. They are on You tube if you want to take a look.


Have a truly fabulous day!