Monday, June 6, 2011

Hubby made me a birthday cake!!! It was gorgeous and pink and a PIG!!!

Now before anyone thinks that this could be taken as an insult,,,,,getting given a pig birthday cake,,,,hang on a moment.....I ADORE PIGS!!  I have always loved pigs.  If we ever get a block of land in the country you can bet your bottom dollar that it will contain a pig or two (never to be eaten either!).

My hubby declared earlier this year, that for my birthday he would bake me a cake and I should start thinking of what sort of decoration I would like.  Well the kids had the simple birthday book out a few weeks ago and I thought I would have a flick through it too.  I found this cute pig cake and asked him if he thought he could make it.  He said "yeah of course I can".  Well as time got closer I could see his confidence slipping so I gave him a couple of gentle hints on how best to approach it.

My birthday was actually May 28, but as per tradition in our house we celebrate birthdays when we have the whole family around so the traditional birthday dinner of "party food and pizza" was had this weekend and so the cake was made this weekend too.  I got out the appropriate pans for hubby and he baked his cakes.  They turned out really well, if anything they rose a little too much and he had to slice the tops off so that they were flat but that's cool, they turned out great.

He got a little stressed when it came time to cut out the piggy shaped head so I quickly drew him a template.  Off he went to cut out the head and assemble the cake, it was looking good.  He then came to the icing and followed instructions for vienna cream.  I'm not sure what happened but it turned out tasting over buttery.  So after him having a bit of stress out over that, I just said make do and add more icing sugar and  a little vanilla, it will be fine.  Okay so it didn't taste quite right in the end but hey what kid is going to argue with an iced cake???

He went about decorating it and I was suitably impressed when he even made marshmallow flowers.  He did a fantastic job and I am so proud of him.  Best of all, he did it for me!!!  You just gotta love a guy who goes way out of his comfort zone for you!!  I'm so proud of him and love him to bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my piggy cake!!


Tania @ Out Back said...

That us one cute cake! Lucky you...

Diddlie said...

me tooo, love pigs.