Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Crochet Granny Squares - a burst of colour for my room

Some of you may remember my attempts at the "Art of Crochet" rug that I started.  I think I have made 17 squares so far.  Well I became disheartened because my squares were ending up all different sizes.  While I love learning new stitches etc I just got to the point where I wanted something I could do that would look "right" and I could make real progress rather than waiting for the next issue to come out.  So I have sidelined the "Art of Crochet" rug for the moment and have begun my own "Granny Square Blanket".

Granny Squares are quick and easy to make.  The pattern is super easy to follow even for a beginner like me.  I will continue to get the "Art of Crochet" magazines as I love the patterns that it provides.  I have so many of them flagged as potential items to make (too many in fact).  But for now, I will keep progressing with my blanket.  I find that I can get 2 squares done while watching a programme on TV with the kids each night before they go to bed.  While this will still take a long time to progress to a decent size blanket, it is progress that I can see grow a little each day.

The great part about Crochet, I am finding, is the portability of it.  I often take it in the car with me.  I went for a ride with Hubby last week up into the Adelaide Hills as he had to go and see a couple of customers.  I took along my pink wool and managed to finish 4 more squares.  Someone with more experience probably would have finished off about 10 in that time, but I felt pretty proud of myself with 4 little squares added to my pile.  Hubby is starting to call me Granny, taking my crochet everywhere but he has already stated that this blanket when finished will be his blanket......who's the Granpa now??? huh????? lol.  He has decided that my first attempt at doing things will become his, fair enough, I think, but I will wait to see his reaction when I try my hand at a lingerie bag or a scarf or beanie crocheted in pink purple and white or something like that lol.

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Attic24 said...

HOw lovey to visit with you Colleen...I am loving those brightly coloured grannies!! I've had an idea myself to make a kind of a "patchwork" blanket using single coloured granny squares, in Emlmer elephant colours no less!!!
Wishing you lots of happy hooking :o)