Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Come Join the Blog Hop........this is new to me and I love it!!!

Like I need another excuse to spend time cruising blogs lol!  Only problem is I can't seem to get the little piccie part to work :-(, I shall keep trying!

I was taking a peek at  Melissa's blog  today and decided to join in on the fun. Today I needed cheering up. I have been on my second course of antibiotics to clear up an infection. The first AB's didn't have any effect so the doc prescribed a second one. The second, while doing a fantastic job at making me feel better, sadly has had very unpleasant side effects so I am going back to the doc today to see what else he can suggest because I sure can't put up with the discomfort those AB's dished out to me for another 5 days!!

Okay I am off to explore the blogging world, come join me.......


Diddlie said...

oh you are naughty....now I am never going to get anything done this arvo!!

OurGangof7 said...

Lol well I can't be the only one with a house in need of a clean can I??? I am guilty of sitting here idly going through blog after blog ignoring the mess around me so I had to share the feeling of being an inadequate housewife with someone!!

Bizee Mama said...

Thanks to Bloggy Moms June Blog Hop I'm a new follower! :]
Stop by www.bizeemamax6.blogspot.com and say Hi! ;]
aka Bizee Mama