Friday, June 17, 2011

Geez this week has flown by!!!!

I'm not sure if it is because we had a public holiday on Monday or what it is this week, but it has simply flown by.  I can't believe it is the weekend again tomorrow.

This weekend, or at least tonight and tomorrow are going to be jam packed for me and I am feeling a little stressed about how I am going to fit things in.

Tonight is soccer night and also the night that my stepkids come over for the weekend.  Tonight also sees my eldest boy going to work and then to a work function which we will have to take him to and pick him up from, no doubt it will be a late pick up :-(  Tonight I also have to bake cakes for the birthday dinner we are having for the two Mr10's of the house.  It is our family tradition to celebrate with their "fancy" birthday cake and have a pizza/party pie etc dinner on the weekend closest to the kids birthdays when we have the entire gang here.  This weekend is the "chosen" weekend, with both of the Mr10's of the house having birthdays either last week or next week.

So tonight I will be baking the cakes ready for the decorating stage tomorrow.  Normally I would just bake them tomorrow morning and then spend the afternoon decorating but tomorrow morning we are driving up to see my brother who is moving interstate next week.  He lives about 90 minutes from here up in the Adelaide Hills.  A beautiful spot at this time of the year when all the rolling hills around are so nice and green.  It will be sad to see them go.  Although I don't see him often it is nice to know that he is there if I need him, now he won't be so convenient as it will now be a 14 hour drive to see him.  But he is following his dream so I am happy for them.

So tomorrow morning we will head off at about 9.00, go up and spend a couple of hours visiting them and then head back home, probably grabbing some take away for lunch and then home to decorate the cakes.  Normally I only decorate one cake as separate the birthday celebrations but this year due to illness we have had to celebrate both boy's birthday's together. 

I will be making a haunted house cake for my Mr10 and a Thomas the Tank cake for Mr10with Autism (he loves Thomas the Tank!).  I will share with you next week the results of my "creating" lol.

And here is a little music to kick off the weekend with....

OK I know its old but I have always had  a "thing" for John Travolta lol.

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