Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quick and Simple Dessert the whole family likes - Simply Amazing!!!

Now you think in a family my size that dessert at least would be something that you could pretty much find everyone agreeing to, but nope not in this house. I have one son who hates chocolate (he obviously didn't inherit my genes....or his father's for that matter lol, must have been some genetic thing that skips generations!!). My stepdaughter detests anything that has jam in it and she also hates sultanas and any type of dried fruit along with Mr "I hate Chocolate". So when it comes to deserts in this house we pretty much stick to icecream, jelly, milkshakes, or spiders and they are all happy with that.

At Christmas I decided I would make a Christmas Log and I was absoluttely astounded after I had bribed all the kids to just try a little bit, that they actually all loved it. So every so often this will be a dessert that I will make. Normally the Christmas Logs are made wtih chocolate biscuits so I changed it to the Butternut Snaps (I think that is what they are called!) and voila we have a dessert that everyone loved!

For those of you who don't know how to make it, here is a "recipe" of sorts, it is so quick and easy and no baking, particularly fantastic for those hot summer days.


You will need:

2 packets of Butternut Biscuits, or you can use the Chocolate Ripples (I also think it would taste pretty good with Gingernuts lol but that would depend on the kids I guess)

600ml thickened cream

Dash of vanilla essence

Icing sugar to taste

Lollies to decorate

Simply beat the cream until it is nice and thick and then fold in a dash of vanilla essense and a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar
(You can make this as sweet as you like I add a tablespoon of icing sugar and then have a little taste and add just a little more until I am happy with it)

Then it is simply a matter of sandwiching the biscuits together using the cream to form either a circle for a wreath or you could make some log shapes.

Once you are done, just spread the remaining cream over the outside and decorate with your marshmallows or lollies of choice. For the Christmas wreath I decorated it with glace cherries and spearmint leaf lollies to make it look festive.

Allow to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and you are done!



janna said...

Does the no chocolate extend to nutella??? If not, then my sister and I often sandwish the biccies with nutella too!!

Another variation of that dessert is to turn it into banoffee! Just take the butternut biccies, spread with top n fill, a slice of banana, then smother in cream! MMMMM

And lastly, to make it look more attractive (and to make a huge batch for a party) layer it up in a trifle dish (or bowl. Biccies, cream, biccies, cream etc!


OurGangof7 said...

Thanks Janna will have to definitely try the Banoffee one. Sadly yes the no chocolate thing extends to Nutella for my boy lol.