Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Challenge 36: Take us through your week - Blog This Challenge

Do you have a day of the week that is your favourite or you dread? Take us through the day or your week- what happens, what makes it pleasant/challenging - Do a mini-diary of your day - let your readers know what your life is REALLY like. Take photos if you wish...

Well a day or even a week in my life isn't overly exciting, not on average at least lol. Dull and mundane spring to mind to me a lot lately.

This Friday which has just gone saw my day turn into a very hectic type of one.

Last Friday went a little like this:

6.15am - Alarm goes off and I slam the poor alarm clock for being so rude, this giving us 9 more minutes of shut eye.

6.24am - Hubby's turn to hit the alarm clock, "just shut up" he grunts.

So on it went with neither of us wanting to face the day lol.

7am rolled around and we finally gave in to the fact that we had to surface and get children moving.

Hubby walked around flicking on lights to wake up four boys who didn't want to get up either (why is it on weekends kids are up and at it at sunrise but on weekdays they like to sleep in????)

I get up and pack lunch boxes while Hubby gets dressed and then he arrives in time to help the kids with their breakfast while I go and get dressed.

The kids get their gear organised for school and do their teeth etc then they have free time till 8.15 when we leave. Hubby and I have a coffee and toast together.

8.15am - Hubby leaves to go to work and I leave to take the boys to school, I drop off two to high school and then the younger two to primary school. I walk them in and sit with them chatting while waiting for the bell to go. I then walk them up to their classes and say my goodbyes.

Back at home I finish off the breakfast dishes and hang out the washing. I vacuum the loungeroom and quickly sweep the floors and mop the family room and bathrooms.

I then head in to Hubby's work to help him with some typing that he needed to get done (since I can type, it gets done much faster lol). I spent the day there till 2.40pm when I left to get the kids from school.

Mr13 was heading off to his friends house as it was their turn to do the soccer practice run tonight. So I took the other 3 home and the eldest quickly got changed ready for work (he works part time at KFC). He starts at 4pm so we have just enough time to walk in the door unpack lunchboxes and I normally throw the kids recess back in to the lunchboxes and stack them in the cupboard for the following day. Mr15 by this time had changed so I get everyone back into the car and take him to work. I then drove around to Mr13's friend's house to drop off his soccer boots, socks and shin pads for training.

I arrive back home put on some dough to bake to make cheese and bacon scrolls and jam scrolls for kids lunch boxes. I decided I would quickly whip up some cupcakes as well so mixed up a batch of chocolate and a batch of vanilla and got them cooking.

Hubby called me to say he was running late and so would go and get his two kids from after school care instead of coming home for his traditional coffee before he would normally go and get them. We then realised that we hadn't bought any pull ups for his Mr9 with autism so he had to detour to grab a couple of bags of those.

5.30pm - Hubby arrives back with his son and daughter and I quickly ran around the house realising that I hadn't childproofed yet. (When you have an autistic child in the house you have to lock up valuables and make bathrooms etc off limits!!)

6pm - I put the simple dinner of pies and chips on, thinking that would work in well as Mr15 was due to finish at 6pm.

The dough by this time was also ready so I quickly rolled it out and made two trays of cheese and bacon scrolls and put the jam scrolls into a baking tray and set them aside to rise for an hour or two. By this time it was now after 6.30pm and I still hadn't had my text message from Mr15 stating that he was ready to be picked up....
Time ticked by and it was soon 7.15 and still no word from him. We dished up the other kids dinner as it was soon going to spoil if we didn't. I jumped in the car and went for a drive over to Mr15's work as I was starting to get a little worried. The KFC he works at is in a shopping mall and I couldn't see him outside so I went for a wander into the almost desserted mall. The only shops open were Coles and Woolies. KFC did have one or two people out the back so I decided that he is probably still there for some reason that I guess I would hear about.

I wandered back towards the car and came across my son walking with a trolley full of rubbish shortly in front of me. At that moment my Hubby was calling me and told me "He's finished", I laughed and said yep I can see that.

He dumped his rubbish and joined me in the car saying that the place had been a total pigsty and it just took him a long time to clean up....glad we didn't have plans for that night!!

I took him home and he quickly got changed and we had dinner with him.

I then washed his uniform and put the jam scrolls in to cook. By this time the cheese and bacon scrolls had cooled and I wrapped them up individually ready for school lunches.

The jam scrolls finished cooking and I made the icing and poured it on them while they were fresh out of the oven. They smelled divine!! They cooled quickly so I wrapped them as well and put the whole lot into the freezer.

8.45pm Mr13 arrives home from soccer and he quickly showers and then grabs a bite to eat. He was going to a friends house for a sleep over. So he throws some things together and I jump in the car yet again and take him over there. By this time it is almost 9.30pm and I am feeling pretty exhausted.

We put the younger kids to bed, all grumbling because we didn't watch a movie with them. We soothed them with promises of a movie night for the following night.

MrAutism had gone to bed at about 8.30pm but had decided he would lie there screaming every minute or so. His screaming went on until 11pm when he finally ran out of steam.

We watched a bit of TV with Mr15 and then declared that we were going to bed,,,by this time it was midnight.

We fell to sleep very quick but it was short lived as MrAutism woke again at 1pm and had decided that it was time to get up for the day. We basically were then up and down to him for the rest of the night as he didn't really go back to sleep until 5.45am. We fell back to sleep only for me to have to get up at 7am as Mr15 had to start work again at 8am........and there you have it,,,,,,this Friday basically set the scene for the rest of the weekend.

It is now Tuesday lol and I still haven't recovered!!!!


Amy xxoo said...

Aww god love ya - its Mumma's like you that the rest of us only wish we could be! My first bub is only 11 weeks old but i cant imagine having to chase after 7 of them...

clare said...

You are a 'Domestic Diva' Gosh!! I haven't recovered either! ;)

Michelle said...

I feel like cheering you on - go mum go - go mum go!
great challenge post :)

Lucy said...

Great entry. I take my hat off to you!