Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Exhausting week

This week has and is absolute mayhem. It was always going to be chaotic but then a devastating event happened on the weekend. My auntie passed away. She has been battling cancer for many years, I think at least 7. It started with breast cancer and then finally moved into her brain this year. She was a wonderful lady and my mum's only sister. I haven 't seen her in quite a while and feel guilty for not going to see her more regularly but in a lot of ways I kind of prefer to remember her as she was the last time I did see her which was when she was still reasonably well and still had her bubbly personality. I got the task of telling my mum who recently moved into a nursing home. I stressed about it majorly but amazingly she took it quite well and said "I have been expecting it for quite a while", which is true but I really thought she would fall apart on me. The funeral is on Friday so we will have to keep a close eye on her!!

Other than that my kids have a really full on week at school.
Monday Mr12 had a choir performance at the Magic Millions race at the Morphettville Race Track so he had to be at school by 7.50am to go to that.
Tuesday Mr12, Mr9 and Mr7 had a play put on at school called Jungle Bungle.
Wednesday Mr9 is going on an excursion to the recycling centre and going to look at a landfill site (I have been conned into tagging along lol,,,,,wasn't the best excursion I have ever been on but it was okay I suppose!!)
Thursday I have to go in and do spelling testing for Mr9's class and Mr12 is performing in JRock Eisteddford Thursday night at the entertainment centre. We are all going to that which I am really excited about but of course it goes from 6.30pm through to 10.30pm and then by the time we pick Mr12 back up from school we won't get home till after 11pm.
Therefore Friday I had arranged for all the kids to have a day off as I know they will be exhausted,,,,,but Mr12 also has a SAPSASA Soccer Carnival on this Friday lol, so he doesn't get to sleep in and has to be at school by 8.15 and of course he volunteered me to help drive the kids to the carnival. This would have been great except now I have 3 other kids who all want to sleep in and a funeral to be at at 10am!!!
So the plan is for my Mr14 to stay home with Mr9 and Mr7 while I take a car load of kids to the soccer and then go to the funeral and then rush back to them and take them up to the soccer carnival in time to pick up a carload of kids yet again....(the joys of having a Tarago is you always seemed to get volunteered to be a chauffeur!!!!! (One good thing is that I have very responsible Mr14 and Mr9 and even Mr7 is pretty good and they know that they can go next door if there are any problems).
I am at Wednesday and am exhausted already lol. I actually can't wait for the weekend, although I have my stepkids as well and a birthday cake to bake and decorate for Mr14's friends birthday on Saturday.
I say "Roll on next week!!!" lol

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