Monday, August 3, 2009


Mr9 is being soooooo difficult I just don't know what to do.

We have had problems at school since his best friend (read that as only real friend) left in Week 4 of the first term. He had a couple of classmates picking on him for a while, I got that sorted, then an older boy started bullying him,,,,I got that sorted. Now he just refuses to go to class of a morning.

The thing is though,,,,he comes out of school perfectly fine, says he has had a "so-so" day and doesn't complain to me about anything when I ask if there was anything wrong with the day. At home on weekends he is fine. On school mornings I might have one morning a week where he is very difficult to get up and ready but generally he gets up and gets dressed and has breakfast fine.

When it is time to go to school he is quite happy and it is only when I go to say goodbye to him when the first bell goes that the problem starts. He says to me "will you come up to my class?" and my normal response is "as long as you don't cry and carry on". Well 9 times out of 10 by the time I take Mr7 into his class and get him settled Mr9 is waiting for me outside of the classroom and I have no choice but to walk him back to his class. I get him upstairs and then the "I don't want to go to school" and tears start. His teacher has had to appoint a door guard at the classroom door many times so that he wouldn't come back out again. He clutches at me, grabbing on to my jumper or handbag or anything really. If I get angry with him and say "just get into class!" he will just follow me back out. His teacher has had enough and has more or less given up helping me,,,,I don't blame her, she has 22 other kids to worry about. I end up having to walk back to the school office and get the school counsellor to take him back up to class because he just will not stay there. I can't move classes as there is only one other Year 3 class there and they do alot of work together anyway.

I just don't know what to do. The school doesn't really have any suggestions for me either, they say that he seems happy enough once he has settled down after I have gone. I have never had this problem with him in the previous 3 years of school.

I would take him out of school and give homeschooling a go but then I would have Mr7 demanding the same and I know that socially he wouldn't advance at all because I can't get either of these two for that matter to join any sporting clubs or anything where they have to go and mix with new kids. Mr9 has just started karate, that has been okay because there are 2 other kids from his school that have just started too. Even for karate he went the first week and loved it, then the following week he refused to go. I managed to talk him into giving it another go and he of course loved it again. The following week he once again said he didn't want to go so Hubby made a deal with him that he would go and give it a shot at least until Christmas. If he really doesn't like it by Christmas time he can quit.......I would have said he do it for a whole year as we just had to pay out $60 for the annual membership and $90 for his Ghee, but I suppose even Christmas will do. Fingers crossed he learns to love it by then lol.

I don't know I just sit here and wonder what I have done so wrong with the younger two boys. I never had these issues with the older two. I can't even get either of them to have a birthday party. How many kids don't like birthday parties??????? Mr9 hasn't even been invited to any as he has no friends and won't have one of his own because he has no one to invite. Mr7 just refuses even though he does have friends at school, he doesn't like any type of out of the ordinary occurrence. The other mums at school are all beginning to look at me like I am strange and I don't know how to handle my children.

Aaaaghhhhh I want to cry today!!!

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