Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr9 gets his new pet tonight...

Mr9 (my difficult child lol) will be picking up his new pet cockatiel after school today. He is so excited. He has paid for it out of his own money (well we paid half in order to get him a hand reared one).
I picked up a cage off the side of the road a few months ago in the hope of getting a couple of budgies. A man had a few things out the front for free and one of the items was quite a large cage in need of a really good clean up. Well it has cleaned up really well and now we are all set to go for our new family friend.
I am hoping his enthusiasm remains strong lol. We have been thinking about breeding cockatiels for a while so this will be the tester for a much bigger goal! When I was little my mum and dad used to breed finches and budgies. I still love budgies but have always wanted a cockatiel. Mr9 researched for ages trying to decide what kind of bird he would like. Originally it was a cocky but then he saw the cockatiels and fell in love with them. Fingers crossed the little one we have found will come to be a great little mate for him!!
Mr9 also has karate tonight. He got his ghee last week and the change in his enthusiasm is remarkable. He is now looking forward to his karate lesson and is remembering his stances and his japanese counting so much better. I am so thrilled for him, it has taken many years to get him to give something a go. It may not be interaction on a talking/playing level with other children but at least he is out there mixing with others in some form! we just have to continue to work on his enthusiasm for school lol........I am still doing research into homeschooling but will persevere with school for a bit longer at least.

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