Monday, February 6, 2012

Mish Mash Post for a Mish Mash Week

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you seem to do nothing but rush around and in the end achieve very little.

Over the past week I feel that my feet have barely touched the ground.  First week back for the kids at school saw mixed emotions from them and from me.  In some ways I was happy to see them back to school as it gives me a few hours of "alone" time during the day, but that alone time also bought a sense of "where do I start and how do I get it all done",,,,,I truly felt out of sync with the world.  On the other hand I quite honestly can say that I hate the school routine.  I hate the lunch box packing and the kids declaring that they hate sandwiches,,or should I say they hate lunchbox sandwiches lol.  Give them a toasted sandwich and they will gobble it down but for some reason none of them are overly taken with fresh odd I am the opposite.  I just can't get my head around making sure there is a piece of fruit for each lunchbox, a muesli bar, a yoghurt/custard and maybe a piece of cake.  I haven't even baked yet.  Normally I have baking done ready for lunch boxes but I cheated and bought some from the shop instead and I also bought some marked down cinnamon donuts as back up in case I hadn't baked by the time the other cakes ran out.....soooooo bad!!

Last week saw small amounts of housework get done and I can quite honestly say my house is a bomb site even by my less than perfect standards.  There is ironing I did on Saturday still waiting to be put away.  Unless I nag at everyone, it will continue to just sit there.  Sometimes you get so over all the nagging that you constantly have to do that you just think "stuff it, I'm  not bothering, it can just sit there...." which is precisely what I have done.  I have more ironing that will need to be done tomorrow so I'm saying nothing to see what happens but I can guarantee you that until I nag, none of those piles of clothes will move!

My crochet frustrated me so much this week.  I started on a new project, another scarf which may be for me or I may put away for a present, will see how it goes.  It took me 3 restarts to get it right.  I couldn't believe the first two times it just didn't look right.  I was getting so frustrated.  Then as I unravelled the second attempt, I sat there staring at the now familiar pattern and realised that instead of doing 3 trebles as part of the pattern I had only been doing one,,,,,DUHHHHHHHHHH lol, it clearly said 3T, 3CH, 3T but I was reading it as 1T, 3CH, 1T,,,,,just don't ask me how I managed that twice!!!  Anyway it has now been started again and it looks similar to the pictured scarf and I am happy.  I am still have problems with my tension, I think I crochet a little loose but I refuse to restart and at the end of the day it is a scarf, it won't really matter too much provided it is consistently the same tension lol.

Oh I forgot to show off my bag that I made too.  Here is a pic.....hmmm well I thought I would have a pic but at the moment I cannot get this darn thing to co-operate with me and load my pics,,,,,,have I ever mentioned how much I hate computers??? lol.  Tomorrow I will try again,,,,stay tuned......

Okay I really have to go and do something about these dust bunnies that are hiding in the corners of each and every room, if I don't return you will know the dust bunnies turned ferocious and ate me lol.

Cya tomorrow!!! :-)

PS....I really think I should turn the name of this post into the "Whines and Whinges of  a Crazy Housewife" or something along those lines lol, I truly am sorry for the amount of moaning and groaning I do on here,,,,I really am a nice person lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh lov, can relate to your week...crazy here too and the dust bunnies here are the size of goats!! So glad the sun is out though...everything may just fall into place...maybe you should start a weekly whinging linky...sure there would be lots of us joining in. Cant help with crochet...thats all swear words to me :)

Niki said...

You are living my life. I feel swamped, overwhelmed & cranky. Just to name a few.
I really need to find my MOJO.