Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lets Get Fit and Lose Weight in the Interest of Helping my Year 12's Study

My Mr17 is studying Year 12 this year.  He is doing a subject called Community Studies.  For this, they have to choose to "experiment" with members of the Community or do some kind of Community work and keep a record of it.  He did this subject last year and chose to cook and menu plan for us.  This went on for about 6 weeks and was great, although due to his work and study commitments we had to cheat a little and I helped him out.  In their second semester last year, they had to pair up with another student.  He chose to team up with the only other boy in his class and do some kind of weight loss study.  I have no idea how they were doing this but it involved going to the gym and asking for info and also studying various weightloss shakes, pills and potions at the supermarkets etc.  I don't think they ever had a firm plan as such and the other boy lost all interest and refused to do anything and subsequently they failed that particular assignment.

This year I insisted that he do something that involved a plan of sorts, something he could record and have definite facts and figures for.

Well after much thinking, he kept coming back to weight loss and fitness.  Now this boy is skinny, he sure as heck don't need no weight loss regime, if anything he needs to beef up not down.  Hubby and I on the other hand would like to lose 20kgs each,,,,,,can you see where this is leading lol.

Yep we are his projects,,,,or rather his guinea pigs is the term I would use!

 Hubby and I will become his Project for the next (I don't even know how long this one is going to go for yet!!) however long.  In a couple of weeks we will begin our diet.  We are trialling the "Flat Belly Diet".  We chose this as we did it for a few weeks early last year and we did get results (maybe not a flat belly but we did lose weight!), and it was relatively easy to follow.  I figure a mix of that and just plain  healthy eating will do. 

Mr17 also wants us to trial different exercise "games" to see which ones give results.  Once he knows exactly how long this study unit will go for he can work out how long we get to "trial" each exercise technique.  He wants us to trial the treadmill, the Bowflex, a vibration machine, and numerous different Xbox/Wii games.  We own a Bowflex, treadmill and vibration machine (this has only really been used as a destress massage machine up until now lol).  The treadmill and vibration machine were purchased when hubby did his back in and the Bowflex we have owned for years.  The Bowflex is a great machine but it has gathered dust since we moved our rooms around so it will be great to get back into that again!  We also own the Wii Fit, a Biggest Loser Game, a few of those Just Dance games (these really can work up a sweat!), a Cardio Fit type game and Your Shape.

In a way I am actually looking forward to having a plan to follow.  These games were all bought with high hopes of being used regularly, sadly like so many things, life gets in the way and "playing" on Xbox and Wii just doesn't fit into the day even if it is in the name of fitness.  Hubby wonders how he will find time but I said too bad, this is something that isn't only for us, you wouldn't want to let down Mr17's study would you?????  Guilt is a wonderful motivator lol.

I will let you know our "plan" when it has been devised.  I don't want to share my weight with my son, its a kind of personal thing and something I cringe at doing, especially when it is going to be seen by his classmates as well.  I think we may just give him our weight loss figures instead.  Hubby doesn't care so maybe he can be documented in full and I will just give the loss/gain figures instead lol.  Hubby doesn't see what the big deal is in telling my weight he said "sheesh you don't weigh enough to go on Biggest Loser so whats the big deal??".  I told him "its a girl thing".


Niki said...

Sounds great, good luck.
I am on a health & fitness run too. My husband & I need to lose a bit too about 15kg each. Bloody hard though.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a win/win for all :)

Greenie Canberra said...

Now I could do with losing 20kgs as well - I will be watching this project with interest!
Gooooood Luuuck! LOL :-)
Greenie x