Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm actually here,,,,,,,,,I can't believe it :)

Hi everyone :)

Well after spending the christmas break frustrated because I couldn't access my blog, finally after help from the wonderful, fabulous, incredibly helpful Niki, I am in!!!!!  Thank you Niki you are awesome!!

Of course I have absolutely nothing to say today, because I hadn't expected to be able to do this but I just wanted to say that yes I am alive and yes I do still love blogging and I will return with my usual grumpy moods and moaning and groaning very soon lol.

I now have to actually remember everything I had been going to talk about over the last couple of months!! 

Right now I can say that my Hubby is in China yet again :(.  This time it is a ten day trip, he returns home at about 11pm Saturday has been a very loooooong trip.  Once again it was last minute notice and this time even he is disheartened with the company and feels that he needs to leave (I know........we only just moved our family here and we can't afford to move back to Adelaide!!!).  He was supposed to be on holidays until Monday 4 February but got a call last Wednesday Jan 30 at 6.30pm saying that he was going to be flying out to China the following day at 4.30pm!!!!  We both feel that this is beginning to get just ridiculous.  The boss also turned around to him and said that he doesn't get holidays like everyone else, in this position he is on call 24/7 and even if he is on "holiday"  he is to still answer phone calls and emails.  Needless to say Hubby and I are less than impressed. 

Hubby wants to find a business that we can work together.  We enjoy being together and all this travel has made us realise that even more.  When he returns we will look into it further.  Right now the only business that I can think  of us affording is a cleaning business or something along those lines,,,,,,,,looking at the state of my house I wonder if I could clean other people's and still be smiling at the end of the day lol......then again cleaning someone else's house is never as bad as cleaning your own I find.

Hubby called me last night saying "I don't think I can work for this company any more".  Apparently the guy he went with (the accountant of the company) who is a very straight laced kinda guy generally, got absolutely blottoed when they went out for dinner last night with the supplier they went to see yesterday.  The supplier organised a dinner at some Chinese restaurant.  There were quite a few people there, including the supplier's family members and Mr Accountant took up the offer of some chinese rice wine.  They have been travelling with one of the Chinese girls from their work who acts as interpreter for them and she warned about the potency of rice wine.  Mr Accountant has been on many trips to China in the past so he was more than aware anyway, but he drank some,,,,,followed by some red wine,,,,,and then followed by some yellow looking wine.  He got up and sang karaoke, he got angry with Hubby for not drinking (hubby rarely drinks and if he does he really only drinks a beer or maybe a spirit).  Anyway by the end of the night Mr Accountant managed to throw up on himself.  Hubby and one of the supplier guys half carried him out to the car, where he promptly leaned out and threw up yet again.  They had a 40 minute drive to their motel where Hubby had to check them in.  They got Mr Drunk Bum up to his room where he started crying and begging the chinese girl to stay in his room to keep an eye on him.  She obliged and got a fold up bed brought up so that she could sleep in there too....she even washed his clothes for him!!!  I said to hubby I would have just walked out of his room and left him to lay in his own stench, I think she is crazy for doing what she did personally lol.  As hubby said to me though, what kind of impression did this behaviour give to the supplier people.  As far as I am concerned, you travel for business, then you are the face of the company and you don't get drunk to the point where you can't walk! They guy is in his late 40's and definitely old enough to know better.  He kept saying to hubby that he "took one for the team" because hubby wouldn't "man up" and have a drink..........if Hubby gets a talking to by the head boss when he returns next week, I think I will give them a piece of my mind myself,,,,,sheesh for all they know hubby may have been a recovering alcoholic (which he isn't), they don't know!!!

Anyway today they are off to the next city, Hubby just called saying they are about to leave and he hasn't seen Drunken Bum yet but apparently he is ok to travel,,,,,,,,,,will be interesting to hear about the day later lol.

Ok, well for not having much to say I have certainly rambled on lol.

I will return later this week to do a catch up of our Christmas and holiday season :)


Niki Jones said...

Thank you darling. So glad you could access it again. I had the same problem.
OH MY GOD on the work guy. My husband hardly drinks as well, very rarely and he often gets crap for it. He is the quintessential good Aussie bloke with sport & footy & working hard, but because he does not have a beer in his hand all the time the other guys can give him heaps. In fact when he wins a carton at work he aske for Strongbow fruit ciders FOR ME. God love him. Anyway a job cahnge sounds good. Put it out to the universe & think good thoughts. All the best love, Niki x

Lorraine H. said...

Pleased to see you back again.Missed you.

Oh yes my hubby has been in the same position as your's.Taken advantage of for work. Take care.

Southgirl xx