Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will this crap never end??????????????????????????????????????

I am sooooooooooo over it all right now.

It all began on May 7 when my stepson came over with his sister for their usual access visit every second weekend.  Although this being Mothers Day weekend, it was only going to be for one night then we had to take them back on Saturday at 5pm so that they could spend Mothers Day with their Mum.  So it was for a whole 24 hour block of time, really not worth the two weeks of pure hell that I have endured since!!  I sound mean, I sound angry and yep I guess I am both but right now I just want to yell, scream, cry and kick something, really hard!!

You see, within 3 hours of being in our care, my stepson became ill.  You know the gastro type bug that has the vomiting and diahorrea and yeah well, I don't need to paint pictures, it is just horrid.  Anyway he was pretty sick, we were up and down every hour on the hour all night to him and because he is autistic he tends to react differently than you or I.  He has this charming habit of getting up, throwing up all over the floor and then lying in it,,,,,yep I know too graphic but that is what we were dealing with.  Not only were you cleaning the floor/walls whatever else, you then had to totally strip and shower him.  By the time you got it cleaned it was time to start over just about.  We found out that the step father had had gastro all week.....why did the mother not keep the kids there to stop it spreading you ask?  I have asked the same question many times and come up with nothing other than a few very descriptive words that I won't share here.  Why risk the health of another group of people with this bug when it was only for a 24 hour access period that could have easily been made up during the week or at the following access weekend.

Anyway, I did have a lovely Mothers Day, the one day in the two week block where I have not had to deal with sick people!  Monday Mr8 came down with it really bad, so bad that I ended up at the hospital with him Tuesday night as he became dehydrated as I just couldn't get enough fluids down into him before they came back up again.  He was discharged Wednesday afternoon but was still pretty sick Thursday and Friday as well.

My boys were due to go to their Dad's on Friday and Saturday night but as he was still sick, the other 3 went and Mr8 stayed behind.  Saturday thankfully, he perked right up and so I dropped him off at Dad's at about 4pm.

Hubby and I had been feeling slightly off all week, but it had'nt eventuated to anything.  Well I guess I was silly and allowed myself to relax and WHOOSH Sunday morning I woke to a freight train running through my head (literally it felt).  Mine began differently with a fever and aches and then progressed into a milder stomach bug, still with the vomiting and diahorrea but much less severe.  The boys came back Sunday night only to find that Mr13 had come down with it and he too had it like I did rather than like Mr8 had had it.

So Monday saw Mr13 and I both laid up feeling very ill.  Hubby was running around stocking up on easy meals for me to cook for the rest of the week as he was leaving for a work trip to Melbourne Tuesday morning and wouldn't be back till Friday night (lovely timing!).

Tuesday morning came and I felt like death warmed up.  Yes the vomiting had slowed and thanks to gastro stop the diahorrea had settled but I just wanted to curl into a ball and stay there.

Tuesday night Mr10 said he was feeling off.  Dread ran through me, and he had me up several times during the night feeling like he would be sick, but thankfully nothing eventuated.  Of course I thought I had best keep him home from school to be on the safe side, although within an hour I really began to doubt his illness altogether as he seemed very chirpy, definitely not how I felt!!

Wednesday night came and Mr13 and Mr10 both declared that they would be okay to go to school.  Yippee I thought a day where I can actually relax and not have to cater to anyone for that 6 hour school such luck.  I was woken by Mr15 at 1.30am saying he had just been sick.

So here we are Thursday morning and I have Mr15 at home, he seems relatively ok, just a little off, and Mr13 who declared he just didn't have the energy and still felt blah.  Well I couldn't really argue as that is exactly how I am feeling as well.

I am so sick of being sick and being surrounded by sick people.  I want this darn bug out of my house and out of my life.  But I know what will happen.  Mr10 will come down with it for real in the next day or two.  Then hubby will come back tomorrow night and one of two things will happen.  He will either get sick on Saturday once he relaxes into the weekend and then be a "typical sick male" for me for the next week or he will hang out for the weekend (his kids will be back again) and get sick on Monday/Tuesday and I will have him home all next week.

Geez I don't eve know if all this actually makes sense lol, I am so tired and run down.  Why has this bug taken so darn long to pass from one to another????????????????

AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,,(That is the scream that I am dying to let out right now.  I would really like to act like a spoilt little brat and throw a massive tantrum (you know the full on kicking and screaming toddler type lol) but for the sake of the kids I won't.

Here's to brighter days ahead...........please!

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Blending Families said...

You deserve a hug. Blending families is hard and you will need all the encouragement there is. I hope your brighter days are really just ahead.