Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dehydration Gastro and Severe Sleep Deprivation

What an absolutely horrible 48 hours I have just had.  My poor baby, Mr8 came down with the most horrific gastro type bug on Monday night which saw him and I up every 20 minutes to half hour throughout Monday night.  The poor little kid was so so sick!!  Not to be too graphic, but lets just say it both ends of his body joined the gastro party at the same time, every time.  He couldn't keep anything down.  Luckily he was eager to drink but all day we battled trying to come to some sort of balance between his intake and his body's output.  Tuesday night I called a locum out to see him and he said yes he was dehydrated and if, after giving him a table to help with nausea, it didn't make a difference within the hour, he was to go to hospital.  Sadly, after struggling to swallow the tablet, it revisited less than 2 minutes later.  Needless to say at 10pm on Tuesday night he and I were making our way to hospital.

  We arrived at the hospital where the triage nurse got him a bed to lie on and also gave him an iceblock and a glass of hydralyte.  He hadn't much enjoyed the hydralyte that I had been trying to force down his throat that day but he humoured her and drank a little at least.   He loved the iceblock so that was nice to see at least.  He lay down and had a little sleep as he was pretty tired from the previous night and hadn't had any sleep that day.  Twenty minutes later he sat up to talk to me and power chucked what seemed like a gallon of liquid, unbelievable!!!

Finally, at 11.30pm we were ushered into the Accident & Emergency section.  They took his obs again and said "a doctor will see you shortly"........4am in the morning a doctor finally came to see him.  Thankfully he had fallen asleep at about 12.30, so had at least got some much needed sleep and most of all, he hadn't chucked in over 4 hours.  They decided that he would need to be placed on a drip and this was finally hooked up in his right arm at about 5.30am.  Half an hour later they decided that he should be admitted, but they had no beds available so he would need to be taken by ambulance to the Womens and Childrens Hospital in the city.  This would be done ASAP but they wanted him to have the second bag of his drip first and therefore we should have another canula inserted into the other arm, a larger one, so that it would go faster.  My brave little boy, barely wimpered for the first one, and was pretty much asleep for the second, until the needle hit the skin, when he received a very rude awakening.  In went the second canula and the second drip started.  I was advised to rush my car which was still parked in the carpark back home and get hubby to bring me back so that I could accompany him in the ambulance.  This I did, only to discover I didn't need to rush so much after all, it was 45 after I returned that the ambulance finally arrived.

We got into the Womens and Childrens Hospital by 9am and started the whole process of describing what was wrong with him all over again.  They unplugged the third bag of fluid from his IV declaring that he had had enough, and he would just be given 80mls of hydralite every 20 minutes to drink and he managed to keep it down he could go home........we didn't even need a bed in a ward!!!!!  Why the first hospital couldn't have done the same thing I don't know!!!!  Needless to say my little soldier managed to keep it down and we were discharged at 12.30pm.  The whole thing made me so angry as that was a total waste of an ambulance trip.  Luckily we are covered but thats not the point!!!

I am over emotional, at the moment due sleep deprivation.  After enduring Monday nights constant interruptions with my Baby I got no sleep whatsoever last night as I simply cannot sleep sitting in a chair.  My eyes are hanging out of my head and I cannot wait until bed time tonight.  I have never looked forward to going to bed so much in my life lol!!!!

The best part of all is that my little boy is returning slowly.  The little sparkle is coming back into his eyes and his voice has lost the dull whiny sound, replaced by his bright bubbliness.

Keep your fingers crossed that he continues to improve for me!!!......and that no one else succumbs to that horrible bug!!!

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