Monday, February 22, 2010

Op Shop and Market Finds of the weekend

This weekend we finally got around to taking the large bag of stuff that I have had sitting in the alcove for a couple of months, to the op shop. It felt good to get rid of such a huge bag of our unwanted gear.

Sadly lol, we made the mistake of actually having a look around the shop while there.....big mistake!!! I think over the course of the weekend we may have actually bought home just about as much as we just got rid of. But of course there is an upside.....isn't there always??? lol,,,,,it was stuff that we wanted to make our house into a home. Everything, well just about everything, was stuff that is to be used to decorate our home.

These ones were found at our first op shop, the one where we donated our bag of stuff. Here I must admit we also got a stack of soft toys which are for Mr9 with autism. He destroys things at a great rate of knots so op shop toys are great as they are cheap and you don't feel the strain on your pocket. We keep some op shop finds in the cupboard for those inevitable times when he has destroyed just about everything else. I usually buy the ones that are in really great condition, normally ranging in price between 50 cents and about $3.00. I bring them home and wash them and then if he chews it to death, I don't see the dollar signs flashing before my eyes and feel the devastation of a toy lasting just an hour or so in his grasp. Don't get me wrong lol, he does get the good toys for his birthday and Christmas and normally they are pretty short lived, but what can you do????? Anyway, I got a little off track there didn't I. As you can see I found a pair of brand new Nikes, a little wooden kitchen ornament which will look great in our country style kitchen and two little copper items which hubby has decided he would love to collect more of to also decorate the kitchen.

The cost of this loot:
Brand New Nike Shoes for my son: $3.50
Wooden Kitchen ornament: $2.25
Copper items: $4.50

Grand total: $10.25

I was impressed with that!

Next while we were out we decided to just check out one more op shop lol.....(I think my hubby became a little hooked,,,,,he would have spent a lot more if I hadn't have reigned him in!!)

The above finds were a toilet roll holder,,a nice sturdy one which has little shells painted on it and a litte piggy (Hubby insisted as I love pigs)

Grand total of this haul:

Toilet roll holder $4.00
Pig $2.00
Grand Total - $6.00

Then to top the weekend off, yesterday we went to the markets. I came across this stall right at the end of the day which had a gravy boat. I have been using my old plastic jug for gravy and I have always wanted a little gravy boat. Well I spotted one, but naturally the man selling it refused to separate his "lot" and was asking $15 for all 12 items. I hummed and hahhed for a while but then decided I did like the pattern and it would fit in with my country kitchen theme, and the colour actually matches my cupboards anyway, so we bought it. I got it home and washed it up and have now found uses for everything.......

For the $15 I got:
2 x italian glass bottles which I will be filling up with chillies and oil and making little decorations for the window ledge;
Huge salt and pepper shakers which will be used for adding salt and pepper when cooking;
A butter dish which I have upturned and it sits on my window ledge holding my hand cream and aloe vera gel and hand sanitiser;
My gravy boat!!!
A letter rack;
A serviette holder for the table
A utensil holder
A lolly jar
A compost pot (this replaces a very revolting looking bucket we currently use!!)
and finally a teapot which after much consideration, I will be using as a planter which will hold a nice fern or something to sit on my kitchen bench.

As you can see in the photos we have had our kitchen remodelled and all that is left to do is the tiling. We have been trying to decide on what tiles we want and I think we have finally made up our mind,,,,,now we just have to jump in and do it lol.

So all our finds on the weekend have been justified as legitamate purchases made to better our home. I can't wait to continue my decluttering now so that it can all come together!!!!

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