Friday, February 19, 2010

Laundry half done.....decluttering is cleansing to the mind!!

I kept standing at the laundry door just gazing at it. I couldn't bring myself to start. The linen cupboard was just too much to deal with, so what does any girl do when faced with a linen cupboard that may well erupt at any moment????...........she starts at the other end of the laundry lol, thats what!!!! Here are my before and after....I couldn't believe how much stuff I got rid of, not that the photos make it look that much but the garbage bag and the amount that was in there that actually needed to be somewhere else was amazing!

This is my storage cupboard for lack of a better word,,,,it has only recently moved into the laundry as although I didn't really need the cupboard as such, it does make a great spot for the dog and cat food supplies and just general stockpiling. So for the moment until I get the rest of the house decluttered, it will stay. My long term goal is for it to live in the shed though, so we shall see how we go with that!

Before decluttering:

After decluttering: - yes that washing you see is clean and just about to be put away and the sheet that is sitting on the cupboard is used as a birdcage cover at night for my son's little cockatiel

Inside the storage cupboard - BEFORE : I had forgotten I even had biscuits sitting in there lol, the kids feed the animals, so I just give the animal food straight to the kids to put in the cupboard after I buy it so I hadn't even looked in here for about 2 months!

Inside the storage cupboard AFTER:
(looks like I can go shopping again lol....just kidding!) The bottom shelf still looks a little messy because of that extra long roll of alfoil. At least I will use it up now because it just looks messy and is ruining my work!!!

Inside my cupboard which hangs on my laundry wall....aka the cleaning cupboard, this one wasn't pleasant! BEFORE:
I am getting rid of all my chemical cleaners, so I now have them sitting in the container to use up what is left of them, so this container will slowly empty out. I am using more of the TriNature stuff (top left) and also just good old bicarb and vinegar. It still looks a little chaotic but at least now I can actually see what is in there.

My challenge for next week is the darn linen cupboard. I just have to do it. I know we have lots of beds in this house but I swear some of the single bed sheets in there haven't seen the light of day in the last 4 years lol. I don't really think I need that many. It is just part of the joy of having a second marriage I guess, you accumulate doubles of everything!!

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