Friday, April 3, 2009

When sickness hits.......

It has been such a "down" kind of week in our house. Last weekend my step children were here for the weekend and we had planned to have a lovely day on Sunday and take them to a local fair that was on and then down to Semaphore Beach for the annual Kite Festival. It should have been a lovely relaxing day. The weather was about 32 degrees so it was very warm out unfortunately, but it still was supposed to be a lovely day. My eldest son had been at his mates house on Friday and Saturday night but I insisted that we were picking him up at 10.30 Sunday morning so we could have a family outing.

Sunday morning arrived and I was feeling less than great with pretty bad stomach cramps, which by the time Mr14 arrived home had turned into me feeling very nauseous. DH asked if we should just cancel the day but I was determined that the day would go ahead and I would just pull my socks up and get on with it.

Well we went to the fair first which was set up on the local footy oval. We walked around the outside, but I felt too horrible to take in much and was just too flat to actually get the kids involved with what was going on. I made it around the first lap of the oval and then started to feel extremely unwell. DH told me to go and sit down in the shade and he would take the kids over for a free ride or two. I gladly took his offer up. I admit I did feel so much better sitting in the shade. DH came back with the kids who had decided it was too hot to wait in the sun for a ride and we decided to go to Hungry Jacks for lunch as we had promised them.........there was no way I wanted to look at food but went along anyway. The kids happily tucked into their burgers while I just sipped on a little bit of lemonade.

We then made our way down to the Kite Festival. It was so busy and we had to park quite a way away so by the time we made it down to the where the kites were flying the heat had started to make me feel very lightheaded and nauseous again. Once again DH put his hand up to take all 6 kids down the jetty to watch the kites fly while I sat in a shady spot. I was wondering why on earth I had put myself through this,,,,if it was one of the kids that had been unwell we would have either not gone out at all or just one of us would have taken those that wanted to go. But no the "Supermum" in me kicked in and I was determined that the kids would get to see these darn kites if it killed me lol,,,,,,I so wish I had just given in to my "sooky la la" mood I was feeling lol.

DH finally after what felt to me like hours, arrived back and I just glanced at him and said "Can we go home now??????", one look at me told him that I really should have just been home in bed, so we made the trek back to the car and I went to bed for 4 hours uninterrupted by children, while poor DH ironed the school clothes, cooked the dinner and did another load of washing.

Well, 5 days later I still feel very run down but am at least able to function, which is great considering 3 out of my 4 boys have all been ill this week,,,,,of course one after the other lol. I have number 3 at home with me today and just have my fingers crossed that the fourth doesn't come down with it as it is his 7th birthday on Sunday and would hate for it to be ruined for him.

Well I had better get some housework done, I don't really feel like it but I feel that the house is looking very grotty and just horrible, the floors all need doing and the bathrooms and kitchen need a good going over too.

I also have to plan how I am going to decorate my little boy's birthday cake,,,,he wants and "Alf" cake,,,,you know that TV show from the 80's. We have been watching it on Foxtel for the last couple of months and he is hooked. I have managed to get him an Alf toy for his birthday so he will love that, but now just have to get creative and design the cake!!!

I will post photos of the outcome next week.

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