Monday, April 6, 2009

My Baby is 7!!!!!

Yesterday was my baby boy's 7th birthday. Where has that time gone???? It seems like only yesterday I was cradling a tiny baby in my arms and now he is a boisterous little boy who loves wrestling, Alf (you know the alien from the 80's tv show), Bakugon and anything bash them up and crash them down lol.....oh yes and neverending amounts of.....wait for it......toilet humour shall I say lol.

My little man had his heart set on an Alf cake. I make them a character cake every year so I was up for the challenge. I have actually found an Alf cake pan on Ebay and I won it, but unfortunately it has to come all the way from the USA so it won't be here for a couple of weeks. So I got creative and this is what I was able to produce....I was pretty happy with it and my little man was over the moon.

I was so much happier with this cake than the one that I did for my StepDaughter back in January. She wanted a Bratz cake and so I attempted Yasmin for her. Let me say that although the kids thought it was great, I thought she looked like she was demented lol. But hey at least I tried, I have never been good at human forms lol, cartoons and characters I can do freehand but faces, nope.

Daylight savings has finished sadly and gone are the times when I could go out and bucket some water onto my veggie patch after dinner. It means I have to be more organised, which isn't good in this house!! I love the extra hour of daylight after dinner time. That was always my time to get a few bits and pieces done outside, oh well, looks like gardening and bringing in washing is going to have to squeeze in somewhere before dinner for the next 6 months again.

I saw an interesting segment on 60 Minutes last night which was all about back yard gardens and how more and more people are returning to the old style of eating/cooking and living. It was really interesting. It made me more determined than ever to really get stuck into my garden over winter and get it all planted out before spring.

Ok back to housework.......

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